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Vincy Wang's new experimental film 'Niuniu' is a must-see movie basing itself on the emotional experience of the viewer.

'Ghabe' is a foreign language indie film which follows the story of one man during the Syrian refugee crisis in Sweden during 2015.

Filmmaker, Matt Nye, has a new award winning short film called 'Anyone for President', which will amuse everyone no matter their political affiliation.

Giosué Bottini has had his directorial debut at the age of six years old with his short film 'Bird in the Wild'.

Filmmaker Aleksandra Szczepanowska has a new feature length film called 'Touch'. Here's what she had to say about making it.

'Cranberry Nights' was written and directed by filmmaker Sara Robin. She takes on a coming of age story about an undocumented teen.

'Who Wants Dessert?' is the latest short film created by filmmaker Venita Ozols-Graham. The film is also being turned into a feature length movie.

'Surprise in the Night' is a new film created by fillmaker Sam Bhat and Aaron Rothermund. Here's everything you need to know.

Robin Phillips's first movie explores the questions of who William Shakespeare really was. It's possible he isn't the man we've come to know.