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There’s little doubt about it: 2017 was packed full of blockbusters and tentpole flicks, from Disney’s epic Star Wars: The Last Jedi to Wonder Woman, the trailblazing superhero

'24 Frames' is an experimental project made by filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami in the last three years of his life. It is a collection of 24 short four-and-a-half minutes

At a time when all of Hollywood is clamoring for attention in the awards season, and distributors are swarming at this year’s Sundance Film Festival to pick up

With the rise of accessible and affordable streaming sites such as Netflix and Hulu, movie theaters have taken a hit. However, while cinema ticket sales may be dwindling,

Does a new year mean a new you? Probably not, but what is does mean is new movies, and what better way to get through the dreaded January

Usher in the new year with a taste of the olden glory days of the sitcom. The AV Club has a video exploring the acclaimed “show about nothing”,

Sophie Turner’s drama Josie to open first ever Mammoth Film Festival Sophie Turner’s indie drama Josie is due to open the inaugural Mammoth Film Festival, dubbed the tiny-Sundance, on

Tom Ford and Kristin Chenoweth honored for work among LGBTQ community Tom Ford (Nocturnal Animals) and Kristin Chenoweth (Bewitched) have been honored by The Trevor Project, a group which

Writing a movie is hard, pitching a movie is hard, financing a movie is hard, and making a movie is hard. After you wrap your production, you might