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Sena Tunali is a prolific writer, producer, and director. Learn more about Tunali and her upcoming projects.

Yelena Makarczyk is a producer/director, but her main claim to fame is her mastery of localization. Get to know the top translator in Hollywood.

'Feral State' could easily be the blockbuster of the summer from writer/director Jon Carlo. Watch the trailer for the new thriller now.

Getting an indie film publicized can be tough. Here are some tips on how to properly publicize your indie film here.

Trapped in an underground medical facility, Sharyn (Yennie) is fighting for freedom as patients are mutilated using a medicine: antidote.

Do you want to be a world-renowned producer? Arjun Yadav is ready for blast off! Check out how Yadav is taking over the film industry.

Felipe Cisneros is the director behind the new film 'One and the Same'. Learn more about Cisneros and the new thriller here.

Looking for an American comedy? Never fear! Matthew Warzel's film 'Dale Archdale' is here! Check out the film's hysterical storyline and more!

Do you want to learn Tagalog? The Filipino language has come to your screens in the most entertaining way. Here's what Kayla Abuda Galang has to say!