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Here’s what 'Shadowhunters' means to the ShadowFam. We hope there’s a network out there willing to listen and to save for the following reasons.

It’s not a TV show – it’s life. Fans explain why they love ‘Shadowhunters’

Last year was officially the year of the TV fandom: a time when networks have failed to understand the value of some of their best shows and cancelled them despite sizable and passionate fanbases begging for them to be saved.

So far, fan campaigns like those for Sense8, Timeless, Lucifer, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine have proven successful in bringing the show back for at least one more season (if not multiple seasons) or at the very least a farewell movie that can tie up loose ends.

But by far the largest and most impressive fan campaign for a cancelled TV show has been that of Freeform’s ShadowhuntersFans have refused to accept that the show will end after the upcoming second half of the third season and have organized a number of impressive grassroots efforts to campaign for Shadowhunters to be saved.

The ShadowFam is not one to be underestimated. And for those looking in from the outside, their enthusiasm and relentless resistance in the face of their show ending has highlighted that Shadowhunters isn’t your ordinary young adult supernatural series.

In the past two months, it’s become evident to the entire world that Shadowhunters means more to fans than just a set of intriguing characters within a fantastical Shadow World. To most fans, it has provided an indelible community of like-minded souls. For various powerful reasons, it has even provided a powerful lifeline during tumultuous challenges.

We interviewed a set of Shadowhunters fans about how they discovered the show, what it means to them, and how they’ll feel if Shadowhunters fails to be saved. What we discovered is that the power of the show has crossed entire continents and age groups in providing a cathartic and emotional escape from some of the struggles of everyday life.

It’s also helped to make an entire group of often underrepresented people feel valued and understood at a time when it can be achingly galling to be an outsider or a minority.

Here’s what the show means to the ShadowFam and we can only hope there’s a network out there willing to listen and to save Shadowhunters for these very same reasons.

Danielle McGrath (@_danimcg)

When did you first start watching Shadowhunters?

I first started watching Shadowhunters in April 2018 and it took me no more than a month to catch up to Season 3a.

What led you to the show?

My best friend convinced me to give the show a go as I was obsessed with the film adaptation of the books.

What does Shadowhunters mean to you?

The show has allowed gender and sexual minorities to be represented positively in the media, along with other various minority groups that haven’t been given the chance to be represented on screen.

In this modern age, the female gender is still represented in the media as the family nurturer or as a sexual object, but Shadowhunters has turned this on its head and portrayed their female protagonists Clary and Isabelle as independent warriors who can fend for themselves.

The inclusion of these minorities gives all viewers something to see themselves in and I think that is a beautiful thing.

How do you engage with the fandom?

I am a part of a WhatsApp group for all fans attending a Shadowhunters convention in London in December (which I am ridiculously excited about).

I actively tweet the #saveshadowhunters hashtag on Twitter and Instagram to ensure my voice is being heard by not only the rest of the fandom, but also media companies.

If Shadowhunters isn’t saved how will you feel?

Although I would be absolutely heartbroken, it wouldn’t just be because my favourite show was cancelled. Shadowhunters has paved the way for minorities (as I said above) and to take this away from us is insulting. We need more representation of these minorities in the media and Shadowhunters did just that.

Carrie Weaver

When did you first start watching Shadowhunters?

I started watching at the very beginning and I thought it was a great show with some first season growing pains. It wasn’t until episode four where Alec and Magnus met that my obsession began.

Being a fan of the books and being a fan of the Malec relationship in the books made me excited to see how it would play out on screen. I was pleasantly surprised and excited to see that they gave these two characters a new life and really took care of this developing relationship.

They gave them more depth – and not just to these particular characters but to all of them. Each season kept getting better and better with the stories, the character developments, and the social issues they address in such a healthy and important way.

What led you to the show?

The books brought me here but the show made me stay. I found myself looking forward to the changes they made and sometimes liking them better.

It just gave me a new avenue to enjoy these characters I fell in love with in the books and made me fall even more in love with them and the Shadow World.

What does Shadowhunters mean to you?

The show started during a tough time in my life. I was dealing with a lot of family and financial stress and this show became a fun release for me. These characters became important to me (they sort of became my family) and helped me to deal with my own stresses.

The E! People's Choice Awards get a lot of attentionn, but it is unfair if the PCAs don’t take the *people*’s votes into consideration.

How do you engage with the fandom?

I don’t have a lot of opportunities to be outwardly involved in the Shadowhunters fandom but I enjoy seeing all of the amazing art – be it the videos, artwork, and writing that this amazing fandom produces.

I support them where I can by purchasing some art work and I try to be social on Twitter with fans. In fact, it was because of Shadowhunters that I even got a Twitter account.

Ever since June when the cancellation was announced, I became more involved in Twitter and donating to The Trevor Project and the various gofundme accounts to help with the campaign.

If Shadowhunters isn’t saved, how will you feel?

If this show truly got cancelled I would be devastated. There is so much more story for these characters. The writers, cast, and crew have poured their heart and soul into this world and they all deserve more time with it.

They were supposed to get a fourth season, but decisions were made and they were robbed of it. These characters are not done. Even when you go past the book’s story I feel like this show can shine even more if they are able to create their own stories.

Even if it’s just one more season, this show deserves more than an unexpected two hour finale to truly wrap up these storylines. I have faith in these writers that the finale will be satisfying – but it’s just not enough and they deserve more.

Emma Bailey (@emmeboo79)

When did you first start watching Shadowhunters?

I had to watch clips on YouTube until Netflix started showing it from season two, but I’ve watched it from the beginning.

What led you to the show?

It came up on my recommendations on YouTube while I was watching a Shane Dawson video. It was a clip from Malec in S1E3 and I fell in love there and then.

What does Shadowhunters mean to you?

The show for me isn’t “just a show”. It’s my little ray of light out of the darkness that engulfs me on a daily basis. Losing my brother so suddenly literally destroyed me to the point where I didn’t want to live anymore.  

Discovering the show and falling in love with Malec gave me something to look forward to; it inspired me to write again and made my heart jump when it’s been numb for so long.

Are you involved with the Shadowhunters fandom IRL?

I’ve been a part of the campaign from the very beginning, tweeting all day, contributing to the funds when I can.

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How do you engage with the fandom?

I love to engage with other Shadow fans; we answer each others’ posts and chat to one another like we’ve known each other for years. I feel like I’ve made some friends for life. We aren’t just a fandom of a TV show, we truly are a family – the fans, the cast, and the crew.

If Shadowhunters isn’t saved, how will you feel?

Well, I’m emailing you these answers just as Martin (Moszkowicz) from Constantin Film has released a statement saying the show has ended and has no future in its current format.

Devastated is not the word – it feels like a piece of my heart is missing. The cast don’t deserve to have their stories cut short and we don’t deserve the pain and heartache, not after all we’ve achieved in nine weeks.

We’re simply asking for a season four so their stories can end naturally and not be forced unrealistically. This show is a lifeline for many, a friend to some, a parent for most. As I say, we are a family, we can’t imagine ever giving that up.

Check out some of the best stories we’ve heard of Shadowhunters friendships in one of the warmest, most inviting fandoms in the world: the #Shadowfam.

Anything else you want to mention?

This show is very important in this day and age. It discusses issues that are rarely seen on television and they do it in a very honest and realistic way. Even in dealing with the supernatural, these are very human stories and told in a very human way.

When it comes to representation, there aren’t many other shows that compare. One of the main couples, and really the most popular couple of the show, is a same-sex interracial couple that defy all stereotypes.

They handle Magnus’s bisexuality in a beautiful way that breaks stereotypes when it comes to bisexuality. They even have an asexual character. In no way do these specialities define the characters, they are individuals who just happen to be gay or asexual.

That’s the beauty of this show. When discussing different social topics they don’t go with stereotypes, they go with honesty. Shadowhunters also shines by touching upon topics such as mental health, drug addiction, recovery, racism, self harm, and internalized homophobia.

They show badass women that aren’t jealous of each other or in competition with each other, but actually support one another. Which is pretty rare in the young adult genre. As well as men not being afraid to be vulnerable and show emotion.

All of these aspects of the show are important for youth watching the show and others who may be struggling. To show them that it’s okay to be yourself or to feel the way you do. These amazing messages are presented in a fun fantastical world that deserves to be celebrated and deserves more time.

Laura Follo (@Followmeintotheshadows)

When did you first start watching Shadowhunters? What led you to the show?

I read the Mortal Instruments series years ago as my bookshelf is filled with YA authors like Cassandra Clare, Maggie Stiefvater, Becca Fitzpatrick, Veronica Roth, L.J. Smith, and J.K. Rowling.

Paranormal and fantasy are my escape from an everyday mundane middle-aged life – of a job, house in the suburbs, two kids, and a dog. Who needs stories about cops, firemen, doctors, or politicians, when you can be immersed in tales of angels, vampires, werewolves, seelies, faeries, warlocks, and wizards?

I was excited when the movie came out based on The Mortal Instruments and thought that it was actually a pretty decent portrayal of the first book. It didn’t make it past one movie, so when I saw that they were making a TV series, I was in from day one. I have watched every episode so far, some more than once.

What does Shadowhunters mean to you?

Shadowhunters means inclusivity and acceptance. The show itself portrays flawed characters, all with a great propensity for love which ends up being the driving factor for their actions, good or bad.

The episodes are written and directed in such a way that you can’t help but end up loving the villains, or at least feeling sorry for them. The different races in the show, whether it be half angel/half human, warlocks, werewolves, seelies, vampires, etc. are actually portrayed by different races in real life.

Many types of sexual orientations are introduced in a non-stereotypical way, which is why many young people love this show and feel that it has given them a voice and the courage to be themselves.

'Shadowhunters' prevailed at the 44th annual People’s Choice Awards, proving fans can make a huge difference even on a cancelled show.

How do you engage with the fandom?

Getting involved in the fandom started with me just liking and following a few Shadowhunters pages on Facebook. One of the administrators of one of the pages started a Facebook messenger chat of 50 people revolving around Malec, our favorite character relationship of the show.

I joined that and before you knew it, I was a middle-aged wife, far on the right side of the demographics of this show, chatting daily with young people from all over the world about Magnus and Alec.

There are people from the US, Canada, UK, Germany, Portugal, Singapore, and South Africa just to name a few. Being able to share something we all have in common is priceless. Because of them, this soccer mom now has accounts on Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, and Archive of Our Own, a place where fanfictions of every show imaginable exist.

Here are some thoughts on where we’d like to see the plot and characters head to in the future – be sure to let us know your own hopes, ideas, and theories about where you see 'Shadowhunters' heading next.

The latter was the most important for me because reading Shadowhunters fanfics was the one thing that sparked my love for writing again. As Magnus would say, it “unlocked something in me.” I have since written two Malec-centric fanfics and have enjoyed every second of it. From the group chat grew a deeper friendship with one person in particular. We have a separate chat and speak every day. It is so important to connect with people who have the same interests.

The Shadowhunters cast is also amazing. I follow them on social media like a screaming teenage fangirl and have live tweeted during shows. They are all kind and truly care about their fans and the characters they portray and it shows.

I am a proud part of the #SaveShadowhunters movement, have contributed to the Trevor Project fundraiser, and will continue to hold out hope, even after the recent announcement from Constantin Film.

If Shadowhunters isn’t saved, how will you feel?

If Shadowhunters as we know it cannot be saved, it will always hold a special place in my heart. It has brought me lifelong friends, opened up my world from the tiny microcosm that it once was, and has truly brought a lasting legacy of love and acceptance to the world.

Maëva C (@xfreakingfray)

When did you first start watching Shadowhunters?

I started watching Shadowhunters on June 2016. My sister introduced me to the show.

What does Shadowhunters mean to you?

This show means so much to me. It saved me from family problems and so much more. Things I can’t share for personal reasons. But Shadowhunters has a positive impact in my life, on a daily basis, and the same for all the actors and actresses.

It brings me everyday so much strength and a lot more that I can’t describe with words, but this show will have a special place in my heart forever.

If Shadowhunters isn’t saved, how will you feel?

At the moment, Shadowhunters is officially cancelled and I’m very upset about it. I need answers. We all need it. I don’t understand why the network cancelled it, because it was their biggest show and also the most popular of their channel.

To bolster our spirits, we thought it prudent to share the information we have about the 'Shadowhunters' finale, “Alliance”, airing this coming Monday.

But following the news (of cancellation), we have achieved so much and we’re stronger than ever. And we’re getting very loud. We won’t give up until we get what we want – Shadowhunters S4.

To me, we’ve already said goodbye a few times: When we first heard the news and when the cast made their goodbye and wrapped filming. And we will say goodbye again when the show ends.

Anything else you want to mention?

I’d like to add that after everything we have accomplished, I don’t understand why we still aren’t picked up! A few shows have been cancelled and picked up after. Why not us?

I don’t know if I should either give up or continue fighting, because I’m tired of these mind games – but this show has taught me to never give up. So, I’ll still fight. Always, until we have what we want.

лесюня мин

When did you first start watching Shadowhunters?

I started watching Shadowhunters in 2016 right after the first season was out. I saw the wedding scene from episode 12 so many times on my Twitter timeline that I just couldn’t stay away.

The part where Alec followed his heart and chose Magnus over Lydia, his duties and family honour led to my total downfall and I fell in love immediately. Then I had only one thought on my mind: I NEED to watch all the episodes to see their full story and find out about other characters.

What does Shadowhunters mean to you?

The show means the world to me. I’m a bi person from a homophobic country where I can’t even talk about it aloud. I think that the variety of characters, their stories, different races, sexualities, and lots of vital problems they deal with are extremely important and you don’t see that on TV often.

We’re still holding out for the #SaveShadowhunters campaign to work and save 'Shadowhunters'. Today the cast speaks about the ending of our show.

I’m an active member of the Shadowhunters family and it’s incredible how one show can unite people from all over the world; I’ve got not only tons of internet friends, but also real ones from the community too.

How do you engage with the fandom?

I engage with the fandom through social networks like Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram and we’re all very passionate and love talking and supporting each other. Thanks to this show, I’ve found a really good friend in real life and met other lovely people from my country.

If Shadowhunters isn’t saved, how will you feel?

When Shadowhunters was cancelled I felt betrayed and shattered. It was sudden and nobody expected it, even our cast and crew. We’re hurt but not going to give up. We’ve already done so much to save this show and I just want everybody here to know: We aren’t going anywhere.

Inger-Marie Otterlei (@ingermarie1)

When did you first start watching Shadowhunters?

I started watching the show when it first came out! So when S1E1 first aired on Netflix.What led you to the show?

I had read the book series a couple of years prior to the announcement of the show. I actually got to reading the books because of the City of Bones movie, so when there wasn’t any sequel planned, I got thrilled when they were in talks of a show.

What does Shadowhunters mean to you?

I’ve loved the story since I read the books, and seeing it all come to life in front of my eyes meant a lot to me. During the airing of the show, I went back to being depressed, and having something to come home to after school every Wednesday gave me something to look forward to.

It also sometimes, as silly as it sounds, gave me something to live for. This world wasn’t my own, but the way it was written and shown made me feel like it could be. I felt close to the characters. Sometimes you just wanna escape from reality for a while. Shadowhunters helped me to do that.

The show also explores emotions so perfectly. The heroes in the show have to deal with emotions just like I do and they also made mistakes despite being the main characters, which shows that anyone can make mistakes. You’re also never alone.

How do you engage with the fandom?  

I follow some fan accounts on both Twitter and Instagram. I also follow the cast, and a lot of the crew on social media. I love seeing what goes on behind the scenes. But I don’t really have a group.

I interact with random people from the fandom sometimes, but that’s about it. Sometimes it’s great to discuss the show with someone. And I also share my frustration and happiness with someone that feels as strongly connected to the characters as me. Someone that gets it, since I don’t know anyone like that IRL.

If Shadowhunters isn’t saved, how will you feel?

The easy word here is devastated. Not giving the cast, crew, and fandom the ending the show deserves is just ridiculous. This show and the world that was created is so dear to so many people out there and they deserve a proper goodbye.

I don’t wanna lose the show that has helped me so much. If the cancellation had been done more professionally and respectfully, I wouldn’t have been this devastated. But it is what it is.

It could’ve been handled ten times better though and that is something that I won’t get over any time soon. Respect is important when doing something like this. I’m strongly hoping the show gets saved, and am doing everything I can. A proper goodbye is what we deserve – or, like six more seasons.

Massie Stones

When did you first start watching Shadowhunters?

I started watching the show when it was first released back in 2016. I was a fan of the books and was very excited at the prospect of it being turned into a TV show.

What led you to the show?

I was already a fan of the books and watched the movie. I knew that a TV show would be a great way to connect with the characters and the Shadow World on a deeper level. Also, the casting was amazing which made me excited to watch.

What does Shadowhunters mean to you?

Shadowhunters means so much to me. I was at a very dark place when the show first aired in terms of my mental health and it became the one thing that made me happy. The characters and cast have helped me so much and I love what the show represents.

It has created a family where everyone is accepted and loved – it has allowed me to be part of a community which has made me feel less alone.

Are you involved with the Shadowhunters fandom IRL?

A few of my IRL friends watch the show and we always talk about the episodes when they air and theorize what is going to happen. How do you engage with the fandom?

The Shadowfam had been waiting a long time for this moment, and it did not disappoint. The epic 'Shadowhunters' finale worked to tie up all our loose ends.

I mainly engage with the fandom on Twitter. I’ve made some amazing friends who have been there for me and helped me through so much. It’s amazing how the show has connected people from all over the world and has made people feel accepted and loved.

If Shadowhunters isn’t saved, how will you feel?

Since the cancellation I have felt very low. This show has helped me so much and although some people won’t understand, it feels like my happiness is being taken away from me.

I still want to have hope that the show can be saved – it’s too important to let go of. After the fandom’s efforts over the past two months I don’t understand why we haven’t been saved. We have been the biggest cancellation movement so I know we won’t give up.

Anything else you want to mention?

I just feel so lucky and grateful to the cast and crew. They have created something so special and I know that the Shadowhunters legacy will live on forever. This show will always be so special to me and these characters have resonated with millions – it’s truly something special. So . . . #SaveShadowhunters!

Christina Pernsteiner (@shadowhuntersO)

What led you to the show?

I saw the recommendation a few times on Netflix since I like the fantasy genre. And one day I clicked on it and I had no idea what I would get myself into.

I haven’t read the books so far but I slowly began to fall in love with the series and the more I found out about it, the more I saw why it meant so much to many people around the world.

What does Shadowhunters mean to you?

It is the first show I cried about when I heard about a possible cancellation and I have loved many shows before, but this goes somehow beyond that. This year I lost a family member and I was in a dark place. Shadowhunters was one of the few things I looked forward to because it made my heart happy and excited even during that dark time. And I think it does that to so many people who struggle.

The show has literally saved lives and I think this is one reason why we all want to keep the show alive too. This power is so rare to give people hope. Even if it were just for one person – but Shadowhunters reaches around the whole world.

It is also amazing to see all the teamwork behind the scenes in creating the show and I think Shadowhunters raised the bar to a new height regarding the interactions between everyone involved, including the voices of fans. This is one of the biggest achievements and the way forward for modern TV.

To bolster our spirits, we thought it prudent to share the information we have about the 'Shadowhunters' finale, “All Good Things”, airing this Monday.

Are you involved with the Shadowhunters fandom IRL? How do you engage with the fandom?  

I wasn’t involved very much before the cancellation but now I spend every day with interactions, especially on Twitter, and I met so many people who literally put their heart and soul into #SaveShadowhunters.

I wanted to support that and created a picture with the following message – “SaveShadowhunters for more seasons to love in . . . ” – where people could make a photo and add their country. The idea was organized by @CommanderApril1, @Marianne_seitz, @ShadowfamD, and myself.

If you are fantasyphobic, Alisha Wainwright in 'Shadowhunters' is the obvious choice to get you into the genre.

As you can imagine, we got back over 500 pictures from over 70 countries. I am also involved in a Shadowhunters cookbook and #teamedom, something which is supported by actor Jack Yang to enlighten our mood in such a charming way. I also began to write fanfictions and Shadowhunters gave me the courage to publish them for the first time in my life. That is also a power of the show, that people try out new things, express more of who they are.

If Shadowhunters isn’t saved, how will you feel?

Like a piece of my heart is ripped away. And since I want to take good care of my heart, I will continue to fight for #SaveShadowhunters and I want to thank everyone who literally make impossible things happen.

Especially thanks to the cast and crew because they created something not to die for, but to live  for – how amazing is that? Every TV network should be very proud to have a show like this.

Jacqueline Nagy

When did you first start watching Shadowhunters? What led you to the show?

I first started watching Shadowhunters around March 2016. I had seen a gift set of the characters Magnus and Alec on Tumblr and their chemistry blew me away immediately.

Because I had been tainted by a lot of other TV shows before, I kind of convinced myself this was a case of queerbaiting. But then I kept checking the Shadowhunters tag and realized nope, Malec is a legit thing.

Since good LGBTQI representation is still a rarity, I decided to watch the episodes of S1 that were available at that time and I was very quickly hooked and waiting for something new each week.

'Shadowhunters' might be off the table, but a spinoff isn’t. Finding a new home for Harry Shum Jr. and Matthew Daddario is entirely possible.

What does Shadowhunters mean to you?

Shadowhunters primarily means getting to see myself in a mainstream YA TV show. I’m biracial and pansexual, so having characters like Magnus and Alec who both portray similar parts of that in a very authentic way is so special.

Alec’s coming out storyline really helped me be at peace with my own sexuality. Seeing his relationship with Magnus being portrayed as something beautiful and blossoming despite the chaos around him could not be more comforting.

Alec is gay and in his 20s but he’s never ridiculed for never having been in a relationship. That’s a detail a lot of queer people can relate to. The show also improved on the books by casting more people of color as the main characters, which allows for more plot points and allegories regarding racism, discrimination, prejudice, and even police brutality.

Overall, Shadowhunters means having relatable characters with real-life problems in a supernatural setting. Magnus and Alec’s relationship gives me hope.

Are you involved with the Shadowhunters fandom IRL?

Yes, I’m sort of involved with the Shadowhunters fandom IRL. I have a co-worker who also turned out to be a fan of the show and specifically a fan of Malec.

We talk about it a lot during lunch time and have discussed ways to get friends and family to watch it in the name of the #SaveShadowhunters campaign. Of course, I also engage online with the fandom via Twitter and Tumblr.

If Shadowhunters isn’t saved, how will you feel?

Having the show cancelled would make me incredibly sad. Magnus and Alec provide representation for me that is incredibly hard to find anywhere else. I am very attached to these characters and it would hurt to see their story being ended in such a rush.

I know it’s not something I would get over quickly because, for a lot of people, this show and its characters (as well as the fandom) are a little source of joy every single day in a world that can otherwise seem pretty bleak. So I would feel like something was taken away from me.

Stephanie Martz

When did you first start watching Shadowhunters?

I started watching the first day it came on January 12, 2016. I tuned in and watched. I was so excited about it.

What led you to the show?

I have been a fan of the books since they were first published. I waited a long time hoping they would do something with it but when the movie came out, I was disappointed. It didn’t do the books justice in my opinion.

When I first heard about the TV series I was so excited. In my opinion, it was the best way to do it.

What does Shadowhunters mean to you?

In the beginning, it was just a world that I had fallen in love with in the books and then on TV, but as the show grew into something of its own I really connected with the characters to some extent in the way they lived their lives.

I have always worked, starting at 14, and never gave time for much else besides that and school. These were people like me, who focused on work and family. The fact that Alec had never had a serious relationship really hit home for me, even though I am straight it was the same thing.

I did not have my first relationship until I was in my early 20’s – that always made me feel late to the game so to speak. It represented me in a character and I love that. Shadowhunters for me is a show that gave me a voice that I didn’t know I needed.

How do you engage with the fandom?

I use Twitter and Instagram to talk with other people. I am not really in a position at the moment to get out and meet people or talk with people outside of social media.

If Shadowhunters isn’t saved, how will you feel?

When the news came out about it being canceled at Freeform, I was devastated. If it remains that way I will be very upset. It honestly will feel like a little piece of me is taken away. I know that is weird to say about a show, but that is how much I have grown to love this show.

Anything else you want to mention?

In June of 2015, I had a crush injury to my hand. I draw and work with my hands, so this was a big thing for me. While I was healing I re-watched the show and one of the first things I worked on drawing was the Runes from Shadowhunters.

Even though doctors told me I would probably only get back limited use of my hand, I worked my ass off and got 95% of its use back. I think in large part to the show and the fact that I am a perfectionist and wanted to get the Runes right.

These past few years have been difficult for me dealing with health issues as well and as lame as it may sound, I thank the show for being a bright spot for me. I have re-watched them to death because of it.

This show has helped me deal with a lot of things, from finally being able to get over an emotionally and mentally abusive relationship (I didn’t know just how much I had been holding inside until the topic was dealt with in the show) to realizing that even though I may have been late to the game, it is okay I am exactly how I am.

These interviews have been edited and condensed for clarity.

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