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We're still trying to wrap our heads around why Enzo got his happy ending. Weren't there were other 'Vampire Diaries' characters who were more deserving?

Did Enzo from ‘The Vampire Diaries’ deserve a happy ending?

The characters on The Vampire Diaries have been through it all. They’ve basically watched all of their loved ones die and many have died themselves once or twice before inexplicably coming back to life. 

Lorenzo St. John, or as fans know him, Enzo, was introduced in season 5 of the series. He was something of an antagonist, but later became a series regular and an antihero in the style of his former friend and cellmate (long story, “buy the e-book”, as Damon would say) Damon Salvatore. 

Though he later became one of the good guys, he, like many of said good guys, didn’t get a happy ending in the show’s final season. Neither did many of the main characters: Stefan wound up dead, leaving Caroline a widow, and Bonnie was never reunited with Enzo. 

Enzo’s death was a shocking moment on the show and is considered to me one of the saddest moments in the series. This is really saying something coming from fans who have basically watched every character die, sometimes (let’s be honest, more often than not) more than once. 

But did The Vampire Diaries Enzo deserve a happy ending? Or at least, happier? If you’re wondering about the life & times of Lorenzo St. John, we’ve got you covered. Let’s take a walk down TVD lane before you let us know how you think Enzo’s (and Bonnie’s) story should’ve ended. 

The Augustine Vampire

Season 5 kicks off with a murder mystery at Whitmore College. The first victim we see is Meghan King, Caroline & Elena’s roommate. It was Enzo who killed her, but the Augustine society helped cover it up so they could continue to do experiments on Enzo and other vampires. 

Damon tells Elena the story of his time with Enzo as an Augustine vampire. The two shared neighboring cells and made a plan to escape. When Damon couldn’t save Enzo, he chose to save himself and leave Enzo to die. Of course, Enzo survives, and Elena meets him when she’s captured by Dr. Wes. Enzo and Damon reunite as Damon gets dumped by Elena (who is really Katherine) and they’re back on their bs.

When things start getting hairy for the gang (Ripper viruses and Travellers abound) Enzo teams up with Caroline to fix things. He is also looking for a girl he was in love with in the 60s, who he finds out Damon killed. He turns off his emotions and shenanigans ensue, leading to Enzo essentially forcing Stefan to kill him. Due to a bunch of complicated Traveller-related nonsense at the end of the season, Enzo is resurrected.

Enzo and the Salvatores

Since Damon died in his efforts to resurrect the dead, season 6 starts with Enzo looking for a way to bring his best friend back. When that’s over with, he turns his attention to . . . ruining Stefan’s life, for some reason? 

His involvement in the Salvatore family turns out to run deeper than anyone knew, when it’s revealed that Stefan and Damon’s mother Lily is the vampire who initially turned Enzo into a vampire. Enzo’s in love with her, and it’s very weird. 

Enzo & Bonnie

In season 7, Enzo is working for Lily (again, we don’t really get this, but things had kind of gone off at this point in the game). His relationship with Lily thankfully ends, and he starts dating Bonnie. After lots of flirtatious bickering, the two are shown to be in a relationship in the flash forward. 

In season 8, Enzo & Bonnie are still going strong. Bonnie Bennet, the most underappreciated character on The Vampire Diaries, finally gets to be happy. Enzo decides to take the cure so he can be human with Bonnie. Everything is all romantic speeches and loving looks until no-humanity Stefan shows up and rips Enzo’s heart out in front of Bonnie. 

Did The Vampire Diaries’ Enzo deserve a happier ending? We can’t say, but what we do know is that Bonnie sure did. What do you think? Did you like Enzo & Bonnie together? Should he have survived the finale? Let us know!

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