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Still not over 'The Vampire Diaries' finale? Take a stab at our quiz dedicated to the show. Relive the romance, drama and sink your fangs in now.

Grab your stake and take a stab at our ‘The Vampire Diaries’ quiz

The Vampire Diaries ended just over two years ago and we’re still mourning its departure. A Damon-less world is just not a world we want to live in.

Eight seasons of romance, drama, and a whole lot of vampires deserves to be celebrated. The Vampire Diaries is centered around blood-sucking teenagers that never catch a break. The gang goes from one drama to another – who knew being a vampire could be so complicated? (We did, but who cares.)

The Vampire Diaries is a true guilty pleasure we can’t get out of your systems – so we decided to pay tribute with this bloody great quiz. Make sure to tweet your score @FilmDaily and let us know your favorite moment from The Vampire Diaries

Put down that blood bag and try ‘The Vampire Diaries’ quiz!

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