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'Superman and Lois' had its giant premiere on The CW. Did it soar? Go up, up, and away with some of our favorite reactions to the premiere.

‘Superman and Lois’: The best reactions to last night’s premiere

Yesterday, The CW’s long-awaited Superman and Lois debuted on the network. This take on one of the most well-known love stories in comics sees Clark (Tyler Hoechlin) and Lois (Bitsie Tulloch) as parents to twin teenage boys (Alexander Garfin, Jordan Elsass) with very different personalities. A more grounded take on life in the Arrowverse (there’s a plot about shady reverse mortgages), largely won over audiences & critics.

While we’re still wondering if the pilot alone can sustain the series, Superman and Lois has Twitter abuzz with memes, favorite moments, Superman arguments, and reactions to the series premiere. Let’s head up, up, and away with some of our favorite Superman and Lois moments to welcome the series to the Arrowverse.

Spoilers ahead, just so you know. 


So pure! Hoechlin is just so pure as Superman/Clark Kent.

Lang and Kent: Next Generation

Looks like we’re seeing the next generation of Kent & Lang (Cushing but same difference) with Jordan (Garfin) & Sarah (Inde Navarrette). From the pining to angry boyfriend when you kiss his girlfriend at a party. Yikes.

Relieved exhales, guys. It’s pretty good.

Proof that just because a trailer is less than great doesn’t mean a series will be bad

It’s going pretty well

That Tyler Hoechlin glow-up into Superman though.

Do you feel it in the air tonight? 

Tulloch & Hoechlin = best chemistry! Without this duo, we wouldn’t have the series.

Meet the Kents

The Kent family that we all deserve, okay? 

*emotions intensify*

By Krypton that Post-Crisis proposal has us tearing up.

And boom, there it is! 

Boom! The big twist of the episode. Jordan is the one who has the Kryptonian powers. 


And the other huge twist of the episode was that The Stranger (Wolé Parks) is actually a Luthor?! What?! Luthor what?! (Also is it just us or does he look like Master Chief from Halo?)

Stop the Superman fights! 

Also stop fighting about who is the best Superman, okay? They’re all good in their own ways.

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