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Let's speculate on what reasons caused actor Jordan Elsass to exit stage left from the popular CW series 'Superman and Lois'.

Why is Jordan Elsass leaving ‘Superman and Lois’?

Superhero fans have been eating well for the past few years. From TV shows to movies, they’ve been gifted with a wide array of content for their viewing pleasure. However, not all news is good news as actor Jordan Elsass announces his departure from Superman & Lois.

The CW series offers a deep dive into the life of everyone’s favorite Man of Steel. It showcases his struggles & triumphs as Superman. It also offers an intimate look at Clark Kent and how he navigates family life and other personal concerns. Elsass has spent the past two seasons chewing up the screen as Clark’s son Jonathan.

His performance has brought a vulnerability & charm to the screen that will be sorely missed. It’s unclear exactly why Elsass is leaving. Many are speculating over his reasons, so let’s take a deep dive into why he’s kissing the role goodbye and what might happen next!

jordan elsass

Superman & Lois

Superman is one of the most popular superhero characters in the world. People who aren’t even into comic books know the name and the powers. Yet, many film and TV adaptations have failed to really understand the character or what he means to those who love him.

The WB’s Smallville showed us Clark Kent on the journey to becoming Superman. The WB along with UPN were later combined to create The CW. Ironically, The CW offers another look into Krypton’s last son beyond how powerful he is in a fight.

In February 2021, Jordan Elsass was among many talented actors to bring this story to life. Tyler Hoechlin, Elizabeth Tulloch, and Alex Garfin may have brought the action, but Elsass repeatedly stole the scene. His open expressions, charming smile, and passionate performances made him a staple of the series.

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Left behind

But not all of Jonathan’s storylines have been very riveting, especially in comparison to his family. Hoechlin, obviously, gets the lion’s share as he balances the stoic Superman with the sincere Clark Kent. Tulloch lights up the screen as Lois Lane and powerfully wields her journalistic sense for finding good stories.

Garfin is never without a strong stance on the plot whether it’s focusing on romance, drama, or action. Jordan Elsass, on the other hand, doesn’t always fit. Jonathan doesn’t have powers and, therefore, sometimes gets lost in the mayhem of superpowered chaos. Even his short stint with using X-Kryptonite to gain powers or having a bad boy body double couldn’t seem to elevate his presence.

In lieu of naturally gaining abilities, Jonathan was painted as the emotional backbone of the Kent family. When the action went skyward, he was often a little too grounded. Maybe Elsass was just as frustrated as his character at constantly being sidelined. At least he’s had it better than people of color on the show – just ask former writer Nandria Tucker.

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A little different

Superman & Lois isn’t the first superhero medium to bring Jonathan Kent aka Jonathan -El to life. The popularity of Superman’s son has been chiefly rooted in the comics. As usual, the comic book & live-action TV versions of the character are very different.

It’s in this difference that many speculate Jordan Elsass was unhappy with a possible direction for his character. In the show, Jonathan Kent is presumably straight as he’s only expressed romantic interest in girls. In the comics, however, he’s recently come out as bisexual.

Smallville is a small town full of big secrets. The biggest being that the show might actually deliver bisexual Jonathan to the delight of queer fans. This might be why Elsass has decided to leave the show. Then again, it’s all speculation – especially considering representatives from the Warner Bros. studio already shared his actual reason.

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It’s personal

People come into our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. This logic has been applied to the end of personal relationships. Apparently, this applies to actors as well. According to the WB, Jordan Elsass is leaving due to irreconcilable personal matters.

Superman & Lois has seen huge ratings & rave reviews. The fans love it and so do the critics. Just because a project is popular, though, doesn’t mean everyone who’s part of it is happy. Also, with everything in the world being so chaotic, who knows what personal woes caused Elsass to make such a difficult decision?

Fans can speculate about personal dissatisfaction or possible on-set issues. It doesn’t change the facts. Elsass is leaving and the face of Jonathan will never be the same. Literally, as The CW is seriously considering replacing Elsass with a completely different actor.

jordan elsass


Replacing actors is no easy feat. Just ask The CW’s Black Lighting. When China Anne McClain left her role as Jennifer Pierce, Laura Kariuki picked it up and ran with it. To say fans didn’t respond well would be like saying lava is warm or Donald Trump has a slight tan.

Many a joke was made online at the expense of The CW, but there was legitimate anger in the mix. This doesn’t bode well for any attempts to replace Jordan Elsass as the non-powered Jonathan of Superman & Lois. In fact, it makes the future look a little bleak at the moment.

Superman is all about keeping hope alive. Maybe this isn’t the last we’ll see of Elsass. The series often pulls from other dimensions and he could easily come back as a different version of the same character. In a show where dressing like a My Chemical Romance reject means being evil, fans have definitely seen weirder.

Why do you think Jordan Elsass is leaving Superman & Lois? Is he unhappy with the show or do you think he’s really leaving due to personal matters? Let us know your nerdy thoughts in the comments below!

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