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Known for his roles in 'Teen Wolf' and 'The Maze Runner', Dylan O'Brien has amassed an impressive fanbase. Now, they're all wondering who he's dating!

Has Dylan O’Brien unmasked his mystery girlfriend?

Fans are always curious about the love lives of their faves. They want to know when they start & end romantic relationships. Dylan O’Brien is no different and his fans are just as curious about the identity of his mystery girlfriend.

In 2011, fans fell in love with O’Brien when he played the sarcastic sidekick in MTV’s Teen Wolf. He became a fan-favorite at Comic-cons all over the world. However, his fame hit stardom levels when he starred in The Maze Runner franchise.

Like many celebrities, O’Brien is often rumored to be dating other actors. While they’re not always true, sometimes they’re right on the money. Have fans finally cracked the code on Dylan O’Brien’s mysterious new girlfriend?

Breakout star

Not too many people know this, but Dylan O’Brien started his career on YouTube. Before anyone was wondering about his girlfriend, viewers were blessed with O’Brien at his most chaotic & hilarious.

O’Brien reached mainstream audiences when he played the beloved Stiles Stilinski in Teen Wolf. O’Brien’s one-line zingers & sassy attitude were the perfect balance to Tyler Posey as the always zen (and often accidentally hilarious) Scott McCall.

The Maze Runner trilogy, however, truly catapulted O’Brien to mainstream stardom. Teen Wolf gave fans O’Brien the comedian. Then The Maze Runner series gave fans O’Brien the action star. Fans fell in love and then they started speculating.

All the rumors

Dylan O’Brien is a private person who’s never outright discussed his love life or shared the identity of any of his girlfriends. He doesn’t have to share and fans aren’t entitled to knowing. In his silence, the rumor mill has continued turning.

In 2012, fans speculated over O’Brien’s relationship with The First Time co-star Britt Robertson. Paparazzi photos showed them looking cozy together and it seems like they dated until 2018. Again, though, O’Brien neither confirmed nor denied these rumors.

In 2018, O’Brien was romantically linked to Chloë Grace Moretz. In 2011, he declared his crush on Moretz after watching her breakout performance in Kick-Ass. He later took it back after realizing how much younger she was than him.

However, this didn’t stop fans from speculating about their relationship after they were spotted on what seemed like a series of dates. There were even rumors of Sarah Ramos being Dylan O’Brien’s girlfriend after the two recreated a romantic scene from 2010 hit The Social Network.

Is he. . . ya know

Fans have mostly speculated over who might be Dylan O’Brien’s girlfriend. However, his silence on the matter has led to speculation over whether or not he might be part of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Teen Wolf produced an enthusiastic amount of fanfiction. It focused on the characters but often included romantic narratives around the actors. As a result, O’Brien was linked romantically at different points to Teen Wolf co-stars Posey & Tyler Hoechlin.

In 2019, O’Brien actually played one half a queer romance in the YouTube original series Weird City. He plays opposite Modern Family’s Ed O’Neill. They made an interesting couple, especially considering their forty-five-year age difference.

Flying solo

As of right now, Dylan O’Brien doesn’t have a girlfriend. Despite the many rumors, O’Brien is still single. At least no news has come out saying otherwise. He hasn’t even been seen out on dates with anyone.

Fans love to speculate on their faves’ love life. This can lead to rumors. It can also lead to increased paparazzi interest in catching them in possibly romantic situations. It can be invasive when someone so private constantly has to answer personal questions.

Maybe O’Brien is secretly dating someone. Maybe he’s actually as single as he seems to be. One thing is for sure, though, the fans want to know. Since O’Brien won’t tell them, they’ll just keep speculating for themselves.

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