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Is 'The Suicide Squad' really the hot summer treat that Margot Robbie promised? See the online reactions of the film.

‘The Suicide Squad’: Do fans think the movie is as hot as Margot Robbie says?

The Suicide Squad is possibly the hot movie of the summer. People have been waiting for this soft reboot of the 2016 David Ayer film since it was announced that James Gunn was taking the reins of the franchise. Star Margot Robbie said that the movie was probably the greatest superhero movie ever made. Now, we’re like a little over a week away from seeing it.

Naturally, this means that reviews are coming in for the movie. Since they’re coming out about a week early, then that’s probably a great sign. In fact, The Suicide Squad started things off with a rare 100% Certified Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. So let’s take a look to see what Twitter is saying. 


It’s gooooood!

Ah, what a way to start!


Best reviewed DC film so far

It dropped down to 98% on the website. But it’s still the best thing that the DCEU has given us. 


Good for them!

Seriously congrats to Gunn and the cast!



Started from the bottom, now they’re here.



Talk about a glow up


Yeah there’s going to be no Ayer cut

Embrace the change.



Be a pal. Don’t spoil it.


She was riiiiiiiight!

Margot Robbie spoke the truth about this hot ticket.



The water feels fine!


And there is always one

We’ve been burned by you too many times DC. 

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