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Could an Ayer Cut for DC's Suicide Squad be released? Here's why we think that the chapter for that story had closed.

#ReleaseTheAyerCut: Will we ever see this version of DC’s ‘Suicide Squad’?

The Snyder Cut of the Justice League has proven to be, perhaps, the greatest thing that Warner Bros could have done. Not only did it draw many eyeballs to HBO Max, but everyone talked about it for years leading to its release and are still talking about it months later. Part of the reason for its creation was because Joss Whedon thoroughly, thoroughly screwed up with the 2017 film’s reshoots & editing. 

Now, however, DCEU fans are wondering if other films could be improved with director’s cuts of them. For example, 2016’s Suicide Squad, which was directed by David Ayer. Could an Ayer Cut of the film give it new life? Could it fix some of the movie’s flaws? Well, let’s put it this way, there’s a difference between Suicide Squad and Justice League.

Also, we’re pretty certain that Warner Bros & DC have shot down any hope for an Ayer Cut of Suicide Squad back when the Snyder Cut was released. Apparently, fans of the DCEU hoping that the director’s cut would make movies better only get one director’s cut. And people went hard to see Zack Snyder’s vision brought to life. Though, honestly, not as much for the Ayer Cut.


Why are people less excited about the Ayer Cut?

It comes down to the story. Zack Snyder had to leave Justice League under some extremely tragic circumstances. While he was doing post-production & reshoots on Justice League, his daughter Autumn had tragically committed suicide. Snyder left the film in order to be with his family during what is, understandably, an extremely difficult time. 

Basically, he wasn’t fired or he didn’t leave over creative differences. Zack Snyder left the movie over a life-shattering event. After, Joss Whedon was brought into the film where he enforced his own vision for the movie over Zack Snyder’s. And, apparently, Whedon was also the worst to work with, according to, well, everyone who had to work with him during this time.

David Ayer, however, largely had control over Suicide Squad. There were no tragic circumstances he had to leave in, and the film, probably, was subjected to studio notes and executives wanting to see certain things changed. But, yeah, he was there throughout the process. There was no grand conspiracy emerging from the shadows. Everything is just going to be swept away, mostly, in The Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad looks better

Let’s also be real here for a minute. DC already has a different Suicide Squad movie in the works. We don’t know when (or even if) we’re getting another attempt at a Justice League film. But, well, James Gunn has taken a crack at doing a weird soft reboot/sequel to Suicide Squad with The Suicide Squad, which is coming out in a couple of months.

So it honestly doesn’t make sense to release the Ayer Cut. No one’s really interested in it for the part. There’s a different version coming out with James Gunn that (honestly) already looks way better than the 2016 movie based on the trailers that have been released. And, well, DC & Warner Bros seem to have put their eggs in this basket for future Suicide Squad films. 

Yeah, we don’t think that we’ll be seeing the Ayer Cut of 2016’s Suicide Squad. Though David Ayer & others are trying really, really hard to make it a thing. But, looking in on this, it just looks like Zack Snyder’s cut of the Justice League as a once in a lifetime sort of opportunity to see it realized. Sorry DC fans.

Do you think the Ayer Cut should be a thing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below! 

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