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Would an Ayer Cut of 2016's 'Suicide Squad' be possible? Dive in for reasons why we don't think we'll see David Ayer recutting the film.

Could we see the David Ayer cut of ‘Suicide Squad’ in 2021?

With the release of the Snyder Cut of Justice League, DC fans are thoroughly enjoying themselves with the four-hour event. After all, it’s what they’ve been campaigning for years. While the Snyder Cut of the film is leagues better than the theatrical release edited & reshot under Joss Whedon’s direction, many are thinking that perhaps other films in the DCEU should get new cuts.

Like, for example, 2016’s Suicide Squad directed by David Ayer. Now, ugh, there’s another campaign for a recut of the film. Which, honestly? It doesn’t make any sense. The Snyder Cut made some sort of sense because, well, Zack Snyder had to leave the film due to a family tragedy so his vision of it wasn’t realized. That? That makes sense for a new cut to be released.

An Ayer cut? Um.

Do we need it?

The thing about wanting a cut from David Ayer for Suicide Squad is that it exists. It’s 2016’s Suicide Squad. Ayer didn’t leave toward the end of the project. Are there more things he’d like to add back in? Probably. Unlike the Snyder Cut, there’s no active need for it. Plus, will it even matter in the long run? We’re going to get a “soft reboot” of the franchise under director James Gunn this year. 

While Warner Bros would probably capitalize on the Snyder Cut, we don’t think that David Ayer would get the same treatment. Not with The Suicide Squad coming out later this year. It just wouldn’t make sense for the studio to do so. It just feels like it would split focus from the version that they want audiences to pay attention in 2021, you know? 

Then why ask for it? 

DCEU fans got the Snyder Cut. They’re going to see what else they can get. But, you know, the Snyder Cut feels more like the end of an era for the DC Films. We’re banking on The Flash movie doing something to reboot the universe or the timeline or something. There’s a lack of cohesion between films that, ostensibly, share the same universe. 

Whether or not they’re going to try to continue a shared film universe? That’s definitely up in the air. With new projects on the horizon, Warner Bros is not going to stop making DC movies. One day? Maybe there will be enough nostalgia for David Ayer to recut the Suicide Squad. Again…we don’t think so. DCEU fans won the war. They have the Snyder Cut.

Take the victory.

What could be next? 

Like we said, the James Gunn-directed soft reboot The Suicide Squad will be released in August 2021. We don’t know what the film will be about yet. But there are returning characters from 2016’s David Ayer directed Suicide Squad in it. We’re going to assume that some of those events will definitely be canon going forward. Though, honestly, what do we know? 

Going forward from there, there’s going to be a spinoff series from The Suicide Squad, which centers on John Cena’s character of Peacemaker. It looks like Warner Bros will be putting all Suicide Squad related eggs in whatever Gunn does with the franchise basket, so to speak. Ultimately, the David Ayer cut of Suicide Squad will more than likely remain a pipe dream. 

Yes, the 2016 film wasn’t great. We can’t go around asking for new cuts of every film that didn’t work out. Otherwise, we’d be asking for new ones all day long

What do you think about a David Ayer cut of Suicide Squad? Should it exist? Or are you fine with James Gunn’s soft reboot of the franchise? Let us know in the comments! 

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