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When you’re expecting a blockbuster and wind up with a flop. Here are 10 movies which ended up being bad.

Total Let Downs: 10 Movies That Didn’t Live Up To All The Hype

Don’t you hate it when you’re just itching for a new movie to come out and then you see it and you’re like… meh? While not everyone can crack the hype-smash double like the Barbie movie, sometimes you’re just left wondering, “What were they thinking?” 

No one ever watches a movie hoping it’s going to be a flop, particularly after it’s been built up by so much hype before it’s even premiered. So, it’s definitely a letdown when you watch a movie and realize we’ve wasted 2 (or more) hours of our lives. You’d have made better use of your free time signing up at a real money NZ no deposit casino – with all the no deposit bonuses always on offer, you might strike gold sooner than you may think!

So if you’re looking for a flick to watch and haven’t seen one of these ten, well, maybe just skip it. Or have a watch to see if you agree with our verdict.


1. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman was supposed to kick off the DC universe just as Ironman was the trigger to the wildly successful Marvel cinematic universe that is only just now seeming to fall off the rails, some 15 years and 30+ movies later. Instead, the movie left fans cold. While it didn’t exactly flop, it didn’t generate much interest and certainly not the momentum that Marvel managed to capture.

2. Ready Player One

Billed as an even better rendition of the game-based sci-fi book, Ready Player One has a rising star, cool visuals, and the marketing was second to none. On watching the film it was clear that this wasn’t to be the mega-smash it wanted to be, nor even an ongoing cult classic.

3. Gigli

What could be hotter than the two hottest stars on the planet starring together in a sexy movie? Apparently, anything. While super hyped, Gigli tanked hard and was even alleged to have a role in Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s breakup 20 years ago. They’re probably not trying a movie together again anytime soon.

4. Dungeons and Dragons

One of the world’s most-loved games comes to the big screen! What’s not to love? Um, the fact that the movie followed a storyline, whereas Dungeons and Dragons the actual game can take players anyway. Despite a big budget, confusing your key target market is never a clever move.

5. Blade Runner 2049

The original Blade Runner was a true classic in every sense of the word. When an updated version was announced the internet went wild. The movie was hyped to be a sci-fi blockbuster, but on release, audiences were left numb by the slow story and lack of action. In Marvel times it was the wrong move.

6. Blair Witch

The Blair Witch Project is an excellent exercise in how to do viral marketing right and is still taught in classes around the world. In making a story, filming, and acting, the whole movie is an exercise in what not to do. In the age of social media, this one would never get off the ground.

7. Suicide Squad 

An all-star cast. Some of the best visuals going around. Millions of kooky on-set stories in the lead-up. A huge, huge marketing blitz. What could go wrong? It seems like the scriptwriting didn’t work here and the directors couldn’t make the most of the acting team. Suicide Squad still looks good though, if we’re talking on a strictly visual basis here.

8. Valerian and the City of 1000 Planets 

Touted as a similar sci-fi adventure to the classic Fifth Element, 2017’s Valerian and the City of 1000 Planets was supposed to kick off a blockbuster series by Luc Besson. The movie, while visually stunning, failed to capture audiences, thanks to the storyline, and, more importantly, the dynamic between the movie’s two leads. The sequel failed to come to existence, although Valerian is getting a good spin on streaming in 2022 and 2023. Bonus points for Rihanna playing a sexy shapeshifting lounge entertainer.

9. Dumbo

Disney live-action movies are a bit hit and miss, but Dumbo was supposed to be a banner movie for the Disney live-action genre. With a stack of saturating marketing, it was almost as hyped as Dumbo himself at the circus. Instead, the movie failed to make a splash and is relegated to the annals of time, like we’re sure many of the other live-action remakes will be too.

10. The Matrix Resurrections 

The original Matrix will go down in history as one of the most interesting blockbusters ever. While the first two sequels didn’t hit quite as hard, when The Matrix Resurrections was announced the internet was hype city. Everyone loves Keanu and the Matrix, how could Keanu let us down? Unfortunately, the movie was a light touch compared to its predecessors and ended with a bit of fluff. Even hardcore fans couldn’t be quelled by the Trinity storyline.

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