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It’s been a year since Chrishell Stause & Justin Hartley divorced. Has Stause moved on from the split?

One year post-Hartley: Has Chrishell Stause moved on from the divorce?

Going through a divorce is never easy. Going through the separation in the public eye is even harder. For Chrishell Stause, it got worse, if that was even possible. She was informed about her divorce over a text – the worst way to break up a marriage, hands-down – while she was on national television.

Selling Sunset was in the midst of its third season when Stause received the infamous text. She shared with her friend & co-worker Mary Fitzgerald, “He texted me that we were filed. Forty-five minutes later the world knew.” She quickly became a poster girl for heartbreak. 

She’d already suffered immense personal losses earlier in 2019 – both her parents had passed away within the past year & her string of misfortune didn’t seem to have an end in sight with her then-husband Justin Hartley filing for divorce.

The status quo

Citing irreconcilable differences, Hartley dated the divorce papers to July, even though he & Stause had been making public appearances up until November last year. This sparked controversy for a brief while, but the This is Us actor seemed unfazed by what had happened. On the other hand, Stause was blindsided & profusely heartbroken in the public eye.

Stause has since been finding refuge in work. She joined Dancing With the Stars in its 29th season. She looked at that as a new chapter in her life as she addressed the elephant in the room, “Listen, I’ve already fallen flat on my face in front of America already, so I really got that out of the way. I don’t have anything else to lose, so it’s only going up from here!”

Now, one year on, she has shared that she’s very much still single, “I’m not dating [right now]. You know, I’m really busy. I’m trying to work on my cha-chas and my contemporaries.” She’s definitely having a ball as a part of the dance show.

Reentering the dating game

Stause is donning an optimistic outlook towards the idea of getting back in the dating arena, but only after wrapping up Dancing with the Stars. She seems upbeat about the prospect, adding, “It’s something I’m looking forward to as soon as it’s over, but hopefully people will vote so it won’t be right away. I’m going to venture out once I’m done with this.” Now that she’s been eliminated from the show, she just might.

In another interview, she pointed out that it’s been a year & she’s ready to move on, “I’m a hopeless romantic, so I think it can still happen. It’s 2020, maybe you could meet your person through an Instagram DM. I don’t know. Crazier things have happened!” Her jovial outlook is easily visible or it could be a veneer to bluff everyone into believing that she’s doing fine.

Moving on & letting go

Stause will take some time to recover from the emotional bruise of it as she had a lot of faith in the institution of marriage, which has been visibly shaken up, “When I think of marriage, I think of, you know, you work on things with people if they’re not perfect, no one is–you work on it.”

It seems like she’d have persisted to work on it if given a chance but she was robbed of even that opportunity, “You talk about it. You don’t throw it out. . . you don’t go out looking for greener grass. Sometimes, you have to water the grass that you have, and that’s what marriage is,” she adds. 

She also shared how hurt she was by how quickly & easily Hartley had moved on. It is painful for her to see Hartley unaffected by everything that happened between them.

Hartley’s new romance

Meanwhile, Hartley seemed to have moved on pretty well. He was also quick to delete any signs of their relationship from his social media. 

Hartley is allegedly dating his former co-star Sofia Pernas. While they haven’t made anything official, their social media posts have made it easy to confirm the obvious.

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