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People love Chris Evans movies for a reason. if you've loved him as Captain America then check out these other iconic movies.

Captain America: Celebrate Chris Evans by watching his most iconic movies

People love Chris Evans movies for a reason. He’s a handsome actor with all the charisma & appeal in the world. After he landed his role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Captain America, literally every single person in the world knew his name. He was already making waves in the Hollywood industry far before that though. These are some of his most iconic movies.


One of Chris Evans’s movies that pulled in the most money at the box office is Avengers. It earned $2.798 billion USD worldwide. 

The movie consists of an all-star cast alongside Chris Evans including Scarlett Johansson, Robert Downey Jr, and Gwyneth Paltrow. The first Avengers movie hit theaters in 2012 as the start to one of the most epic hero franchises of all time. The movies to follow all ended up doing just as well in the box office. 

Captain America: The First Avenger

Captain America: The First Avenger is another Marvel movie, but it focuses on Captain America alone rather than the entire Avengers fighting squad. It tells the origin story of the most patriotic hero we know & love.

 The 2011 movie is based in the 1940s and follows a young Steve Rogers who would do anything to fight for his country. He even agrees to sign up for an experimental program that changes the DNA of his entire body. He becomes a strong & willful savior overnight.

Knives Out

2019 is the year Knives Out premiered, starring Chris Evans and another all-star cast. Chris Evans movies tend to include awesome actors & actresses. Jamie Lee Curtis, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Daniel Craig are some of the incredible stars included. The movie is about a crime novelist who mysteriously passes away. 

A detective goes on a pursuit of justice trying to figure out who the murderer is. The lies, the deception, and the confusion make this movie so enjoyable to watch. Finding out who the killer is keeps viewers anticipating each new moment.


Gifted is a 2017 Chris Evans movie about a man who is raising a child prodigy all on his own. He doesn’t have any help raising her, but the good news is that she is incredibly intelligent and doesn’t make his life too stressful. She is his niece and her level of brilliance is seen as beyond impressive by any adults who cross her path. He must fight for custody of the girl when her grandmother tries to intervene in their lives.

Fantastic Four 

In another Marvel movie, unrelated to Avengers, Chris Evans plays the role of the Human Torch, a hero who knows how to light up in flames at the sna of a finger. Fantastic Four was released in 2004 and is still revered as the best version of the story told as it stands today, even though they rebooted the franchise ten years later in 2015. 

Chris Evans starred in the movie alongside Jessica Alba who has unfortunately retired from acting. This is one of those movies that makes fans miss her on the big screen! Chris Evans certainly stole the hearts of many in this one.


Snowpiercer is a 2013 action thriller on the list of epic Chris Evans movies to remember. The movie is about a man trying to survive the world’s second Ice Age with a small handful of others. Making it out alive through the destruction of a frozen world is something that appears impossible. A train full of frightened people come up with a plan to try and improve their chances at survival. 

Not Another Teen Movie

Not Another Teen Movie is a 2001 comedy that serves as a spoof to another classic movie called She’s All That. Both movies have a similar premise about a nerdy girl who becomes more popular and earns the affections of the high school jock. Chris Evans plays the role of an arrogant teenage boy with so much comedic charm that he somehow makes an unlikable character quite endearing. 

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