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Accidental nudes happen – even for celebrities like Chris Evans who flashed his junk on social media. These hilarious Twitter memes react to the incident.

“That’s America’s cock”: Best Twitter memes about Chris Evans’s nudes

Accidental nudes happen. It’s one of the nightmare scenarios, of course. Like that dream where you stand in front of your class naked and have to give a presentation that you did not prepare for? Yeah, it’s like that but worse because it’s real life. So, you know, feel for Chris Evans because he’s famous and he accidentally posted a picture of his penis on social media. Naturally, Twitter responded.

That means Chris Evans Twitter memes about his accidental nude situation are all the rage. While he’s probably drowning in some combination of regret/embarrassment, let’s see the funniest ones that were created about this whole situation, shall we? Because, let’s be real, y’all are thirsty and horny in equal measure in quarantine so this situation might as well have happened. 

For real though, respect Evans’ privacy and do not look at the leaked images. These memes are just poking fun at, yet another, 2020 absurd situation. 

RIP to Evans’ publicist

Someone deserves  the fanciest apology basket in the world because they’re running on like no sleep and all of the coffee. 

The only Chris Evans nude we’ll look at 

Not Another Teen Movie is hella underrated, right?

Kat Dennings gets real

As Evans has anxiety, fans of the actor have been flooding the Chris Evan mentions/tag on Twitter and social media with positive images in order to combat the nudes. Dennings, however, reminds us that this should be the norm for all celebs. Gotta get in formation, ladies. 

That poor publicist

Between Robert Pattinson having COVID and Evans accidentally posting a nude photo, this poor publicist is having a moment. 

Forever thirsty

He does have America’s Ass after all. 

The real debate going on here

To answer DJ Qualls’ question! I think Ben and Jerry’s has a pretty decent one. Or Halo Top! That’s one that all the depressed millennials are flocking to.

Y’all need a vibrator

Sex in quarantine is not happening. So just, you know, handle it yourself. 

Fluffalo brings up the most valid point

Mark “Fluffalo” Ruffalo brings up the best point. Literally nothing Evans can be more of a national embarrassment than whatever is happening in the White House, rn.

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