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Dying to see BTS live when shows are finally safe to attend again? Here's how you can get serenaded by the one and only J-Hope at the concert.

Young love: Did BTS member J-Hope serenade someone at a concert?

J-Hope, who also goes by the real name Jung Hoseok, is a South Korean rapper, dancer, and record producer. He is one of the seven members of the K-pop group, BTS – or otherwise known as Bangtan Boys.

In the past few years, BTS has been on an incredible rise all over the world with their music & performance. An important element of the group’s identity is their synchronized dance. Almost all of their songs are heavily choreographed just the part & parcel of being a K-pop entertainer.

Just dance

When BTS was about to debut in 2013, they were first formed with the idea they would be a hip-hop group instead of a K-pop idol group. And when that changed, J-Hope with prodigal talent in dance came to rescue the group. 

As J-Hope had previous experience of being a street dancer before training as an idol under Big Hit Entertainment, he was appointed as the dance leader of the soon-to-be biggest K-pop boy band in the world. 

True to his title, J-Hope helps the group members with learning the choreography. He’s known to be an intense dance teacher by fans as he often has a serious look while cueing the rest of the boys in for the dances. 

Hey, mama!

J-Hope’s talent isn’t limited to his flawless body movements – his expertise extends further into music production & songwriting. In 2018, he released his first solo mixtape called Hope World which made him one of the highest-ranking Korean soloists on the Billboard charts.

Complementing J-Hope’s personality & stage name, the mixtape talks about hope, positivity, and achieving his goals & dreams alongside his team members. While he didn’t get to sing any of these songs live in a BTS concert yet, he did perform his solo track from the BTS album Wings for BTS ARMY. 

“MAMA” is a track written by J-Hope as an ode to his mother. From the lyrics, we can interpret how J-Hope’s mother supported his dream to become a K-pop idol wholly despite struggling to make ends meet. And for that, J-Hope is eternally grateful – and ARMY is too!

In a 2017 BTS concert in Seoul, J-Hope finally had the chance to serenade his mother with the bright yet meaningful song “MAMA”. And the poor boy cried his eyes out afterwards! The overwhelming feeling of making your parents proud is completely precious.


As talented & charming J-Hope is, his romantic life is a “daydream” – i.e., pretty nonexistent as far as sources go. But really, who would have time to date when they’re busy taking over the world? 

Nevertheless, in one episode of Rookie King, right before dancing to Dynamic Duo’s “Solo”, J-Hope mentions that the song reminds him of an ex-girlfriend. Guess bad breakups can happen to anyone!

While J-Hope is currently single and focusing on his career with his bandmates, he made a special birthday wish earlier this year on Vlive. “My goal for this year is not something grand, but to be a precious person to someone,” he said. 

As this year comes to an end, we hope J-Hope knows he’s already a beloved band member in the eyes of BTS ARMY. If he’s ready to take that next step in life to meet the special someone, as much as the concept breaks the fans’ jealous hearts, we know they would support the musician in his decision. 

Through the progression of 2020, everyone’s plans downgraded from extravagant to bare minimum – a fact applicable to BTS too! While J-Hope & his teammates wanted to achieve a lot this year – and while they did achieve a lot – one disappointing event cancellation was their worldwide tour. Now all the boys wish for is to hold a BTS concert for the fans in-person as soon as the COVID-19 situation gets better. 

Are you waiting to attend a BTS concert too? Let us know in the comments below!

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