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Test your BTS knowledge with our J-Hope trivia quiz

J-Hope is a silly ball of sweetness keeping every BTS member joyful & motivated. The guy can dance, rap, and sing – he’s quite the talented K-pop star. On top of his talent, J-Hope’s also a genuinely nice guy. He’s given $100,000s to charities, including ChildFund Korea. Despite trying to hide some of his philanthropic ventures, news of his kindness eventually hit the public sphere. 

Lovable J-Hope clearly has a heart of gold to match his youthful charm, so it’s no wonder many ARMY soldiers claim him as their BTS bias. Having heard these facts about Hobi, what facts would you say were missing? Do you have a whole repertoire of Hobi knowledge to match your affection for him? Take this quiz and find out – then tweet us your score @FilmDailyNews.

Know everything there is to know about J-Hope? Prove it!

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