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We want to return to the ton! It’s been a couple weeks since 'Bridgerton’'s release and we’re already missing it. Here's why fans love 'Bridgerton'.

‘Bridgerton’ is Twitter’s favorite show – these tweets prove it

We want to return to the ton! It’s been a couple weeks since Bridgerton’s initial release and we’re already missing it. The glamor and the drama of season 1 provided the perfect escape for everyone during 2020. 

While we all await more from Lady Whistledown – let’s show you why everyone is in love with Bridgerton.

The force is strong

Wow, a couple who pretend to be a couple then fall in love . . . we’re invested. Bridgerton is the perfect mix of romance, drama, and comedy. We stan the Duke of Hastings and Shondaland’s new series.

Burn for me? 🔥

Is romance dead in 2021? Apparently so. If your partner doesn’t utter the words “I burn for you” then we don’t want it. It’s either Bridgerton romance or it’s not even worth it. 

We stan Regé‑Jean Page

Let’s be honest, one of the reasons Bridgerton is so good is because of Regé‑Jean Page. That’s all that’s needed to be said. Regé‑Jean Page. 

Hello, Your Grace

We’ve all started speaking like those from the ton. Can we take a second to appreciate those musical remakes? “Thank U, Next” has never sounded so regal. 

Bridgerton is Regency porn?

There’s more to Bridgerton than sex, but that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate those particular scenes. There’s a whole episode filled with sex scenes and fans didn’t disapprove. 

Xoxo, Gossip Girl

We knew that Lady Whistledown sounded familiar. Who else narrates and gossips about the people surrounding them? Gossip Girl. Bridgerton is Gossip Girl with a Regency-era flair. 

Get my reading glasses!

Eight books? We can potentially have eight more seasons of Netflix’s Bridgerton? While we wait for any confirmation, fans everywhere have begun reading the series and we’re joining them!

Seriously, more?

Our favorite part about Bridgerton sex scenes between the Duke & his new Duchess is the staff’s reaction. They all know what’s going on and can hear it, but have to go about their normal routines. “They’re doing what in the library?”

Eloise Bridgerton

Why do we love Bridgerton? Eloise. We can only hope that if we ever get future seasons that Eloise gets the happy ending that she deserves! 

The Jonas Brothers?!

Okay, who didn’t tell us that Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas starred in Bridgerton? This is groundbreaking!

Have you watched season 1 of Bridgerton? Let us know your favorite moment in the comments below. 

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