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Netflix & Shondaland’s new drama 'Bridgerton' arrived at the perfect time in 2020. Here's a looks at the beginning of 'Bridgerton'.

Which is better the ‘Bridgerton’ Netflix show or the books?

Watching period dramas helps us escape to a time before global pandemics and crazy Karens. Netflix & Shondaland’s new drama Bridgerton arrived at the perfect time in 2020. It comes from a bestselling romance novel series written by Julia Quinn . . . that’s right, there could be even more from the popular series coming from the eight books.

What can we expect from a Bridgerton season 2? Is the series better than the book it’s based on? Dive into the wonderful world here. 

Bridgerton’s beginnings

Shonda Rhimes has brought another TV show to our screens and it appears it’s as popular as her other shows. Reportedly, Rhimes is the highest-paid showrunner currently working in television and with good reason. She originally signed the deal with Netflix in 2017 for $150 million dollars.

We were greeted by the scandalous Bridgerton on Christmas Day. It’s like a reward. We were eagerly awaiting the series and many fans weren’t disappointed. Julie Andrews is the narrator speaking on behalf of Lady Whistledown throughout season 1. A Gossip Girl-style show has now arrived on Netflix, but better and less . . . cringey? 

Set during England’s early 1800s Regency period, Bridgerton provides some much-needed escapism. Wealth, lust, and betrayal seen through the eyes of the powerful Bridgerton family. We follow the back and forth romance between Daphne Bridgerton & Simon Basset, Duke of Hastings. 

Luckily for fans of Julia Quinn’s novels, the Netflix series remains true to its original source. Showrunner Chris Van Dusen speaks of the adaptation to OprahMag: “I feel like there’s always going to be differences from the course material with any adaptation, but I’m pretty sure fans of the books are going to see all the elements they love on screen.”

“I knew from the beginning that I wanted to make the show reflect the world that we live today. You know, even though the show is set in the 19th century, I still wanted modern audiences to be able to relate to it.”

Even author Julia Quinn has been impressed by Shonda Rhimes’s adaptation thus far:

“It’s not a word for word adaptation, and it shouldn’t be. I never expected that. The characters are absolutely true to who they were and the backstory is absolutely true.

I remember when I read that very first script, and I saw how they had done some things to structure it differently with the greater emphasis on Lady Whistledown, and having her narrate, and then bringing in Queen Charlotte . . . it was clear to me that they had done it in the exact perfect way.”

In the books: Simon didn’t box his aggression away, Anthony Bridgerton knew of his sister lies with the Duke, and one particular sex scene is far less controversial than its source. When Daphne learns of Simon’s lies involving his fertility, she makes sure to prove her point by ensuring Simon loses control. 

Julia Quinn wrote the scene to almost be interpreted as rape due to Simon’s inebriated state. Luckily, we see a more than willing Simon in the series.

Return to the ton?

Netflix hasn’t officially renewed Bridgerton for a highly anticipated season 2, but that doesn’t mean things look bleak for the period drama. According to reports, it looks like fans can expect filming of season 2 to take place later this year. 

We can only hope the original cast remains in season 2 and we get to dive into that all-important Lady Whistledown reveal at the end of the finale. Many of its cast and crew have already begun sharing their thoughts on a potential Bridgerton season 2. 

“I think there are a lot of good stories to be told in this world,” Regé-Jean Page (Simon Basset) told OprahMag about a possible season 2. “There’s a plethora of characters and each of those characters has cousins, uncles, and dogs, and I think people enjoy exploring all of those depths and nooks and crannies.”

If the show follows the book series closely then we can hope that we follow Anthony Bridgerton on his quest to finding love.

Will you be watching season 2 of Bridgerton? What’s your favorite scene from the popular drama? Let us know your thoughts on the scandalous show below.

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