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Bob Odenkirk collapsed on the set of the new season of 'Better Call Saul'. See the well wishes for a speed recovery from Twitter.

‘Better Call Saul’: Will the new season be cancelled after this star’s accident?

Whenever a TV series star is impacted by either a health issue, an accident, or, well, dies, the question does come around to the show that they’re working on. Of course, people want to make sure that the actor is alright. No job is worth a person’s health, life, and safety. Yeah, there is that wonder if a new season will just be cancelled after any incident involving the star of the show.

In the case of Better Call Saul, this is less theory and more reality. Yesterday, while filming the new & final season of the Breaking Bad spinoff, star Bob Odenkirk, who plays Saul Goodman, collapsed on set. Odenkirk is receiving medical care, but nothing about his condition has been divulged at this time. He had collapsed in front of the crew for the series, who immediately called an ambulance.

We wish Bob Odenkirk a speedy recovery with whatever his ailment is. So do many others on the internet. Since Better Call Saul is ending, it looks like the new season won’t be cancelled. Thankfully, it looks like the fans are more worried about Odenkirk’s health than anything else. So let’s look at the well wishes from the fanbase, shall we? 


He is a national treasure

Well they’re not wrong.


Cool, cool

That seems a bit extreme.


Everyone is behind him

Seriously, Bob Odenkirk is one of the celebs that everyone seems to love.


Everyone is willing it

Just all the good vibes.


Best case scenario for the collapse

Hopefully things will clear up with more news. New Mexico is hot in the summer.


Bob Odenkirk makes the Internet not suck

No one is hating on him, which is a great thing. No one should hate on him.


It’s actually super heartwarming

Seriously, the whole timeline is full of this.


More than one person will probably try to fight God

That would be a fight to witness.


A person who touches everyone’s heart

People are just sharing what the actor has meant to them.


Hopefully there’s an update incoming

I think that’s what everyone is waiting for.

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  • I think the “we will blow up the moon” tweet refers to a mr. show sketch.

    August 1, 2021

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