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'Blue's Clues and You' releases a video and song all about celebrating pride month. Bop along to the anthem for 2021 Pride.

‘Blue’s Clues and You’ hosts a pride parade episode: See for yourself

Happy Pride Month, everyone! As you all know June is to celebrate Pride within the LGBTQ+ community. In order to celebrate this, there are the requisite rainbows from corporations along with people hoping to be able to have Pride parades if the pandemic has calmed enough in their areas. Blue’s Clues and You, the newest version of the popular preschool series, has released a song all about celebrating Pride.


Sung by the incomparable Drag Race fave Nina West, the song showcases all sorts of different families in “The Big Parade”. It covers all sorts of identities as well show non-binary “babas” to members of the asexual community. There are a spectrum of flags on display that represent members of the LGBTQ+ community. It honestly makes us tear up a little bit to see it all so openly on a show like Blue’s Clues and You.

So let’s see what the internet has to say about this show of pride from Blue’s Clues and You!


Hurrah! (sobbing)

Catch us all sobbing in the club over this jam.


Can you hear them quaking?

Homophobic Karens can GTFO.


“P is full of Pride!” 

Blue’s Clues went harder from last year. 


Our hearts are full

The show kicked off Pride month in the best way.


New meme!

Tag yourself as what member of Pride you are. (Pansexual shark, baby.)


Blue’s Clues is not here to play, y’all

Blue’s Clues said “your move” to most children’s television.


Is it really this effing hard?!

Be nice to each other! Let people celebrate Pride. 


Doesn’t matter if it’s a new incarnation

Blue’s Clues still slaps.


*gestures eagerly*

Seriously! Look at how inclusive this is!


Catch us all jamming out to this! 

It’s the Pride anthem for 2k21! 

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