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Betty White was a national treasure both on-screen and off with her dimpled smile and raunchy humor. She was a TV star, but check out some of her movies!

Missing Betty White? Here are the best movies with the Golden Girl

Betty White was many things throughout her very long life. Born in January 1922, she was an actress and a comedian. Later in life, she even became an internet sensation. White lived through many generations and she was a star in each one.

An even bigger flirt, White was known to work her magic on everyone from Robert Redford to Jason Momoa. She was charming, quick-witted, and always had a smile to share.

Behind those dimples lay a sharp tongue and a raunchy mind. It made her a hit on TV shows and it’s the reason her TV credentials are a mile long. . . and then some. However, not many people know she also had her share of movie roles.

movie with betty white

White’s death was a tragedy – especially considering she passed just eighteen days shy of her 100th birthday. However, it’s time to put down your tissue box and stop crying. Instead, let’s reminisce by watching a movie with Betty White.

movie with betty white

Lake Placid

White’s early career was a consistent flow of TV fame. From Date with the Angels to Golden Girls, she was a familiar face for many growing up in the 60s & 70s. Then, in 1999, she starred in a low-budget, creature feature and found a whole new audience.

Lake Placid follows the tale of a thirty-foot crocodile terrorizing a small town in Maine. What does this movie have to do with the beloved Betty White? She plays Mrs. Delores Bickerman, the woman who feeds the beast!

Bickerman is a sweet old lady who feeds animals and trash talks cops. There’s also the part where she might’ve fed her husband to the crocodile as well. It’s no wonder a new generation of fans fell in love with White after this.

movie with betty white

The Proposal

White basically established her status as an international treasure among new fans. Some would say her work took a drastic change. Yet, she was still playing the naïve woman with a sweet face and a surprisingly dirty mind.

2009’s The Proposal simply capitalized on what a contradiction she could be. Betty White clearly had a lot of fun making this movie with Sandra Bullock & Ryan Reynolds. When she wasn’t making them laugh on set as herself, she was cutting up on-screen as Grandma Annie.

Grandma Annie cares about her family and she’ll do anything for them. She proves this when she fakes a heart attack to bring her family together after much holiday bickering. White plays a character familiar to anyone who knows her post-Golden Girl career and she does it with love, joy, and a couple of curse words.

movie with betty white

Toy Story 4

White’s modern-day acting career pigeonholed her as a very specific character. She became the go-t0 for playing a sweet old lady with a shockingly foul mouth. After many decades in the business, though, she didn’t seem to mind.

However, maybe she wanted a change of pace at some point. In 2019, Betty White voiced Bitey White in Toy Story 4. Fans reunited with Woody, Buzz, and friends as they embark on a road trip.

White doesn’t play a huge part. Yet, it’s fun to hear her voice as she plays with subtle innuendo while keeping it G. It’s also a good reminder of how animated White can make her voice and may remind fans of her other voice work – such as The Story of Santa Claus.

movie with betty white

Betty White: A Celebration

While Betty White won’t physically be in this movie, she’ll be with it in spirit. Betty White: A Celebration looks back on her career & life along with many people who knew her.

The documentary will feature star-studded appearances by Carol Burnet, Morgan Freeman, Ryan Reyolds, and many others. It will most certainly include all the loving anecdotes of White’s life. It might even feature never-before-shared stories.

Fans will have the chance to get to know her even more. More importantly, they’ll get to say goodbye and truly thank Mrs. White for being a friend.

What’s your favorite movie with Betty White? Which movie genre do you like her more in? Or do you prefer her made-for-TV movies? Let us know in the comments below!

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