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There’s so much to love about this new film – but let’s keep it down to the top five reasons why you should check out 'Toy Story 4' in theaters.

Here’s why ‘Toy Story 4’ is totally worth a watch

It’s no secret that everyone’s reaction to the announcement of Toy Story 4 was “Why in God’s name is this happening? The franchise ended at number three!” But as more was revealed about the plot and the new characters, it became clear that there was a new story to be told with a new existentialist question: what defines a toy? This may be a cash grab, but perhaps one that’s also a good movie. 

We’re happy to report it’s just as good as the rest of the franchise. Toy Story 4 has the same heart, humor, and soul as the other three films, while incorporating a lot of new faces (though the old faces besides Woody, Buzz, and Bo Peep don’t get as much screentime as a result). There’s so much to love about this new film – but let’s keep it down to the top five reasons why you should check out Toy Story 4 in theaters.

The animation quality

The Woody & Buzz we know and love have grown a lot over the nearly 25 years since the first Toy Story was released. It seems impossible that Pixar could continue to increase the quality of their animation, yet once again it looks even more gorgeous. 

One particular sequence in the rain feels so realistic, and the shine on Bo Peep against her clothing is insanely detailed. That alone is worth paying money to see on the big screen, because it’s harder to appreciate on your TV at home – or worse, a tablet or phone screen.


Bonnie’s new toy is a literal piece of trash, and somehow he’s the funniest thing about this movie. If you’re familiar with Tony Hale’s characters on Arrested Development and Veep, this is the third time he gets to play a neurotic type who latches on to what little he can to find a personality. 

Hale gives off such nervous energy it’s endearing watching him try to come to terms with the fact that he’s no longer trash but rather Bonnie’s favorite new toy. It’s no surprise he steals the show.

Gabby Gabby (and her Chucky-like henchmen)

The Toy Story franchise has had some great villains over the years, from Sid to Stinky Pete to Lotso, and they’ve made another great baddie with Gabby Gabby. She is the queen doll in an antique shop, with her ventriloquist doll henchmen helping her around the store. Not only does she kidnap Forky, but she’s also willing to split up Woody & Bo to get what she wants. But she’s also not what she seems. 

The carnie toy life

We’ve seen toys without a singular owner before in Toy Story 3, but TS4 features toys without a home at all. Bo Peep and her gang of friends are all toys who don’t have an owner, and aren’t kept at a school or daycare. They just roam around finding a new place to get played with, whether it’s at a carnival, a playground, or a town square. 

This new way of life is completely unknown to Woody, as he’s only known the single kid life. It’s awesome to get to explore a new aspect of the secret world of toys.

The classic Pixar gut punch

It wouldn’t be a Pixar movie without that one moment that has grown adults openly weeping in the theater. Without spoiling what will make you cry, this one may be the worst Pixar has done since the Carl & Ellie montage in Up. 

But, unlike Toy Story 3, in which the gut punch was just an excuse to make everyone cry, 4’s is justified and may have some people crying happy tears. If that isn’t enough of a tease to make you check out Toy Story 4, I don’t know what will.

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