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Is there a more beloved public figure than Betty White? Betty White is not dead but very much alive. Here's Betty White's greatest moments.

Is Betty White dead? No, but here are her greatest moments anyway

Is there a more beloved public figure than Betty White? She’s practically America’s Grandma at this point in time. So when she started trending the other day, many were terrified that this was the news we’ve been dreading. She is, after all, 98-years-old. Now, don’t worry, Betty White is fine. She’s utterly fine and hopefully in a deep lockdown until the coronavirus is over with.

Since the world is descending into a dystopian hellscape, or so the media wants you to believe, maybe we should focus on Betty White. Just in the general sense of things of focusing on Betty White because she’s had some iconic moments over her long and storied career. Here are some of our favorite Betty White moments.

“I’m Still Hot” music video

Betty White doesn’t look at her 98 years. She has also done so much stuff over that lifetime. One thing? She starred in a music video where she’s surrounded by hot muscular men. Betty White made her music video debut in “I’m Still Hot”, which was written by electro-pop artist Luciana.

White gets to spit such classic rhymes as “I will get you sweaty ‘cause I’m the big Betty”. Plus, you know, hot guys in shiny and tiny tight gold shorts. Get it, Betty. Be that icon for those golden years.

St. Olaf

Betty White’s most iconic role is Rose Nylund, the ditzy retiree straight woman that we’ve all loved. Some of Rose’s best moments, however, came from the wild stories of her life in St. Olaf.  The stories were always very odd, very strange, but definitely worth wanting to hear more. White just delivered it all to perfection. 

White would go on to win an Emmy for the role as Rose Nylund. The Golden Girls is still fondly remembered and loved to this day by, well, everyone.

Hot in Cleveland 

White made a much-celebrated return to television with her series regular role as Elka Ostrovsky on TVLand’s Hot in Cleveland. During her tenure on the series, White made some of her wildest and spunkiest moments come to life. From her collection of tracksuits to dying her hair bright red to threatening to “cut” her fellow housemates, Elka was a wild ride to witness. White clearly loved every moment of her.

White has done a lot of amazing comedy work in her career, but she truly shone in this series. It also netted her another Emmy nomination for her work on the series.

The Proposal

The Proposal remains a great, if underrated, rom-com. The 2009 film stars Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock. Beleaguered assistant (Reynolds) is forced by his boss (Bullock) to enter into a sham green card marriage so she doesn’t get deported to Canada. It’s funny and charming. White plays the grandmother to Reynolds’s character and has a plethora of excellent moments.

From her dog being stolen by an eagle to commenting on how Bullock doesn’t fill out her wedding dress, White steals the show in this film. 

Literally every time she speaks

White is the sort of person that doesn’t need to manufacture iconic moments. She, herself, is an icon. These moments are only bolstered whenever she appears or speaks in public. From getting an escort from Chris Evans to roasting her co-stars while accepting awards, White is just a delight to always watch. 

More importantly, White is definitely an example of how success and fortune can come to you at any age so long as you stick to it and keep working.

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