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Rising star Deng Lun from fantasy C-drama 'Ashes of Love' has caught our eye and we can’t look away. Here are the reasons why we want more Deng Lun.

‘Ashes of Love’: Why we need more of Deng Lun in our lives

A rising star in the fantasy C-drama series Ashes of Love, Deng Lun has caught our eye – and we can’t look away. The charming Chinese actor has blossomed since his humble debut in the romance series Flowers in Fog – now one of the most beloved C-drama heartthrobs. 

Deng Lun’s role as a god of fire & war in Ashes of Love is very fitting because he’s totally on fire right now. We can’t get enough of his cute face popping up in our favorite C-dramas. Here are all the reasons why we need to keep seeing more of the heartthrob Deng Lun.    

Xu Feng in Ashes of Love

Deng Lun (fittingly) portrays a powerful deity in Ashes of Love. His character, Xu Feng, is the Fire Immortal. Deng Lun was a part of the reason that Ashes of Love became such a soaring success with high ratings & positive reviews. His performance attracted audiences and his role gave him a major surge in popularity. If you haven’t already seen Ashes of Love here’s a basic premise:

When heroine Jin Mi (Yang Zi) – the daughter of the Flower Deity & Water Immortal – believes that Xu Feng killed her father she gets her revenge on him by popping a hole in his chest. Though Mei has been magically numbed to love with a magic pill by her mother, she loses it after killing him. Xu Feng later comes back to life as a Demon Lord to take the throne stolen from him by Night Immortal Run Yu (Luo Yun Xi.)  

With Deng Lun taking on such a central role, Ashes of Love comes alive with steamy romance & apt comedic elements. We can’t help but dream about Lun, the eye-candy actor who takes our breath away. He fits perfectly into the precious love triangles & brewing battles concocted in Ashes of Love

Luckily season 1 of Ashes of Love has over sixty episodes and it’s confirmed for a season 2. Not to mention, it’s very easy to watch because it’s available on Netflix & Rakuten Viki. Do yourself a favor and watch Deng Lun kill it as Xu Feng in Ashes of Love. Or if you’ve already seen it – rewatch it. Why not? 

Deng Lun’s acting career

While Deng Lun is definitely most well known for his role as Xu Feng in Ashes of Love, you don’t have to rewatch the series to get more of him. Deng Lun has also made his name in Flowers in Fog, Sweet Dreams, The Gods, & Blossom in Heart. Lun tends to thrive as a romantic interest but he also makes a fantastic deity. He certainly interests us. 

We also can look forward to his appearance in Quin Ya Ji, a live-action adaptation of the classic Chinese novel Onmyoji written by Baku Yumemakura. Deng Lun will play Bo Ya, a sidekick to Mark Chao’s Qing Ming, Lun will delight us with a fun adventure journey featuring his wonderful face. 

Additionally, Deng Lun will be in the upcoming crime film Jian Ru Pan Shi. Not much is known about the film but it should be released sometime in 2020. (However, it’s likely the pandemic has caused delays.)  This role should be different for Deng Lun and we bet he’ll be amazing in it. We have no doubt that Lun has the ability to take on diverse roles – that’s partly why he’s so fantastic.

   Just look at him

However, to understand one of the most spectacular qualities of C-drama star Deng Lun, you don’t actually have to witness him acting. All you have to do is look at him. We may not have known of him before Ashes of Love, but it’s surprising he didn’t become famous just for being incredibly handsome & cute. 

Deng Lun is a talented model who could wind up being anyone’s big celebrity crush.  His modeling photos showcase confident yet quiet composure. You can also witness Lun’s alluring personality if you check out any of his fun interviews.

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  • One of the best chiness drama . Deng kung and Leo chu . Make your heart stop lol .

    October 24, 2021

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