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If you’re curious as to what 'Ashes of Love' is exactly, then here’s everything to know about your new favorite fantasy series.

Love for eternity: ‘Ashes of Love’ is a dreamy fantasy you’ll adore forever

 Need a dreamy romantic fantasy C-drama in your life? Want gods and wars and love all rolled into one? Good news, Ashes of Love is the series that you should check out. With 63 episodes for Ashes of Love’s first season and a second season announced, now is the time for the series to be checked out by all. 

If you’re curious as to what Ashes of Love is exactly, then here’s everything to know about your new favorite fantasy series. 

What is Ashes of Love about?

Ashes of Love follows Jin Mei (Yang Zi), the daughter of the Flower Deity (Zhang Yanyan) who died after giving birth to her. Before she died, the Flower Deity learned of a prophecy that Jin Mei will suffer a great love trial in the first thousand years of her life. In order to stop this, she gave Jin Mei a pill that would suppress her feeling and expressing romantic love. 

Unfortunately for Jin Mei, she catches the eye of two gods. One is Xufeng (Deng Lun), the Fire God and God of War, and the other is Runyu (Luo Yunxi), the Night God. The second and eldest son of the Heavenly Emperor (He Zhonghua) respectively, the two brothers find themselves embroiled in a political battle for Heaven and Jin Mei’s heart. 

That’s a brief synopsis. If you want to learn more about Ashes of Love, then watch it.

Fascinating story

Scheming gods, love triangles, and a war brewing in the background, Ashes of Love is a story that will suck you in and not let go. Will Jin Mei learn to feel love? Will the brothers go to war for their father’s throne? It can be tense at time, but Ashes of Love moves along at a great pace with the 63 episodes of the first season flying by at a rapid rate. In the end, you’ll just be left wanting more.

More is coming! Ashes of Love has been given a second season. So now is a great time to get caught up before that happens. The story will be continued. 

Excellent acting

Ashes of Love has a sprawling cast that stretches across four realms. We have mortals, demons, heavenly beings, and more interacting with each other. All of the actors involved are excellent in their roles, especially Yang Zi, Deng Lu, and Luo Yunxi. 

They are absolutely key to the success of Ashes of Love as the series sinks or swims without them playing well off each other.

Still with a great story and great acting, we’re more than ready to see where Ashes of Love goes with its second season.

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