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'Anne with an E' has hit a chord with its audience, and they aren’t ready to let go. Here’s the latest in the campaign to save the young-adult period drama.

‘Anne with an E’: Can we have our show back now, Netflix and CBC?

Occasionally a show hits us in a way that is about more than just entertainment. We find ourselves invested in the characters and the story not only because it provides an escape from our everyday, but because it has a power that lingers. Anne with an E is one of those shows that separated itself from the fray.  

Those invested in continuing the story of Anne Shirley (played beautifully by Amybeth McNulty), and her friends on Anne with an E have no intention of slowing their efforts to continue the show. The young-adult period drama has hit a chord with its audience, and they aren’t ready to let go.

Here’s the latest in the campaign for Anne with an E.

Petitions, hashtags, and . . . billboards?

The petition to continue Anne’s story is still going strong. The current count of over 60,000 signatures for the renewal of Anne with an E includes fans from all over the world. Signers commend the show’s wholesome story while touching on themes of diversity & belonging.

The hashtag efforts on Anne with an E’s behalf have reached a cumulative effort of over 8 million tweets. The hashtag #renewAnneWithAnE alone has almost 4 million tweets. Leaders of the hashtag campaign are hoping to see the tag #AWAEseason4 to one million tweets by tomorrow.

Looking for creative new ways to get the word out, the fandom is also in talks to start a GoFundMe drive to collect money for a billboard for Anne with an E. While logistics are still in discussion, we have no doubt this crew will accomplish anything it sets out to conquer.

Reaching out to networks directly

Anne with E fans are going straight to the source. The Canadian Broadcasting Company is being inundated with requests from fans though their content request and help page. As we previously reported, the dissolution of an agreement between CBC and Netflix may be a factor in the show’s cancellation.

Additionally, fans are happily targeting streaming services where they believe Anne with an E could find a new home. Disney+, Hulu, and Amazon Prime are all getting tagged to consider picking up the series produced by Northwood Entertainment.

Letter-writing campaign

If online tags and tweets aren’t getting it done, the Anne with an E campaign is taking to pen & paper. A #lettersforanne project is underway. Collecting letters both typed and handwritten to be hand-delivered to the CBC and mailed to the Northwood Entertainment offices, the crusade is gaining strength.  

The first batch of letters should be delivered soon, while batch #2 is currently being collected. Fans looking to join the letter campaign can find all the details on Twitter @lettersforanne1.

Why save Anne with an E, anyway?

Anne with an E’s dynamic characters, impactful writing, and universal themes draw viewers in. The series’s success challenges assumptions about what young adults seek in entertainment; it’s made waves without flashy clothing, a hip-hop soundtrack, or fancy stylized editing.

Bolstered by the heart-wrenching honesty Amybeth McNulty gives to her portrayal of Anne, the show’s writers aren’t afraid to tackle big issues. Brilliantly woven into Anne with an E are themes of identity, antisemitism, bullying, gender bias, and empowerment. The young characters also navigate the repercussions of societal taboos and the importance of acceptance. 

The purity of Anne’s story is remarkable, and young viewers begging for more quality television such as this should be heard.

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