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With passion and moxie that channels Anne herself, 'Anne with an E' fans have begun their fight on Anne’s behalf, lobbying for renewal.

‘Anne with an E’ fans come together to save their show

The recent announcement from Netflix and Canada’s CBC that the period drama Anne with an E will not be renewed has fans in an uproar. With passion and moxie that channels Anne herself, Anne with an E fans have begun their fight on Anne’s behalf, lobbying for renewal.  

The shocking announcement seemed to be in direct contrast to Anne with an E’s seven  Canadian Screen Awards earlier this year, including Best Canadian Drama. However, the decision may be bigger than just Anne.  

Netflix & CBC have ended their partnership

In October of this year, CBC president and CEO Catherine Tait announced they will no longer work with Netflix. Unfortunately, this split may have directly impacted our beloved Anne with an E

Tait cites Netflix and other US streaming services’ ability to practice outside of Canada’s tax and content requirements as a major factor in their split. However, the general unpopularity of CBC’s streaming service, Gem, may also play a part in the split affecting Anne with an E.

Why is Anne with an E so important?

Anne with an E’s success is a credit to its fanbase itself. A young adult period drama about a poverty-stricken, abused teenage orphan trying to fit into a new life finding any commercial success should be shocking in itself. 

The show relies on dynamic characters, impactful writing, and universal challenges to draw viewers in, and it has proven to work. Anne with an E’s success challenges all assumptions about what young adults are seeking in entertainment, as it has made waves without flashy clothing, a hip-hop soundtrack, or stylized editing.  

The purity of the Anne’s story is remarkable and young viewers begging for more quality television such as this should be heard.

Why Anne with an E can & should continue

Beyond the fact that Anne with an E indicated young adults are seeking quality storytelling, the issues the show presents also resonate deeply today. Moira Walley-Beckett’s adaptation of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables brings even more depth and relevance to the characters. 

Bolstered by the heart-wrenching honesty that Amybeth McNulty gives to her portrayal of Anne, the writers aren’t afraid to tackle big issues. Brilliantly woven into Anne with an E are themes of identity, antisemitism, bullying, gender bias, and empowerment. The young characters also navigate the repercussions of closed-mindedness and the importance of acceptance. 

Somehow all of those issues manage to be delivered in a family-friendly package that invites further discussion. This raises the question: how can we not renew Anne with an E?

Just how do we save Anne?

Fans have moved swiftly in their quest for season 4 of Anne with an E. A petition to renew the show is rapidly gaining signatures, with over 20k signing in the first 24 hours.  Fans from all over the world have jumped in to add their names to the movement, proving the show’s universal relevance.  

Is anything else being done for Anne with an E?

Not willing to stop at a petition, Anne with an E’s fanbase has taken to social media to get the word out. #RenewAnnewithanE is trending, with millions of tweets and retweets. Additionally, countless memes and gifs are proclaiming their love of Anne and her creator, Moira Walley-Beckett.

What else can we do?

Anne with E fans don’t just hit the retweet button and move on. The campaign to continue the show extends to every known avenue. From streaming the show as much as possible to writing directly to CBC & Netflix, Anne fans are proving just how important this show is. We couldn’t agree more.

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