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Need for weed: Actors who are smoking that sweet Mary Jane

Going all the way back to 1948 when Robert Mitchum was arrested for possession of the ole demon weed, celebrities have continued to enjoy a toke on the pipe just like the rest of us. Snoop Dogg and Patrick Stewart even invested $10 million in a British weed company! Many celebs also take up vaping. We’re taking a look at some of the biggest names in the business who like nothing better than to kick back and smoke a fat joint every now and again.

Woody Harrelson

After taking a two year hiatus from smoking weed, one of Hollywood’s most famous tokers said that it was none other than Willie Nelson who convinced him to go back to it. And considering Nelson once smoked weed in the White House, that pretty much makes him the Commander and Chief of getting high.


Ri-Ri has been a proponent of marijuana with her songs, album artwork, a tattoo on her ass, and her Instagram account (one post from Coachella last year even shows her rolling a blunt on a bodyguard’s bald head). There was also talk of her own brand of smoke called MaRihanna, which is one of those ideas that must have sounded great when she was high.

Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi has been a smoker for both recreational and medical reasons for years, even going as far as to getting a little high before she went up and accepted her Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for the film Ghost. Hero!

Bill Maher

Bill Maher made the following (very true) comments about pot to Rolling Stone: “Weed is one of the few things that both hillbillies and hippies like. Rappers smoke pot, and country artists smoke pot. There’s just as much pot on Willie Nelson’s tour bus as there is on Snoop Dogg’s tour bus.” He also added, “I’ve gotten a lot of good ideas from pot. Including smoke more pot.” A more rational series of statements would be hard to find (especially if you’re stoned).

Cameron Diaz

Diaz went to the same (very) high school as none other than Snoop Dogg himself and she also says that she thinks she bought some weed off him at the time, a fact that Snoop Dogg appeared to confirm by stating he thinks he sold her “some of that white-girl weed.” And seeing as neither are able to remember the incident clearly, it must have been some very nice white-girl weed they were smoking.

Sarah Silverman

Silverman has been a longstanding fan of that wonderful plant and even went as far as to take a vape filled with weed to the Emmys (where she was lucky enough to both win and get high). She’s also a regular guest on the show Getting Doug with High, which makes a lot of sense when you think about it.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga uses marijuana for both inspiration and its medicinal benefits. After suffering a hip injury, Gaga should’ve rested, but instead she toured and was in such pain that weed was the only thing that could help her continue. In 2013, she told Attitude Magazine, “I was smoking 15 joints a day . . . I was just numbing, numbing, numbing myself and then sleeping it off and then getting on stage, killing it in pain, then getting off and smoking, smoking, smoking, not knowing what the pain was.”

Oliver Stone

Oliver Stoner (heyoooo!) says he first started smoking marijuana while serving in Vietnam, adding that smoking weed was “the difference between remaining human and becoming a beast.” 

Kristen Stewart

In her own words, Stewart described herself as “kind of a weirdo, creative Valley Girl who smokes pot. Big deal.” We didn’t think it possible, but this makes us love her even more!

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