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Idris Elba’s one busy guy. Here are some other leading ladies and gents we think would slay as the next James Bond . . . or Jane Bond!

Idris Elba and all the other actors that could be James Bond

Even though director Danny Boyle has not even started production on the next James Bond film, already talks are turning to who’s going to replace Daniel Craig as the British spy in the film after that. Because while we know Craig is set to star as 007 himself in James Bond 25, we also know it’s his last run in the titular role and he’s got some big boots to fill.

So who better to fill those boots than Brit acting powerhouse Idris Elba? According to The Independent, Bond franchise producer Barbara Broccoli has reportedly announced that the door is open for Elba in the future.

Director Antoine Fuqua (The Equalizer) divulged the details of a convo with Broccoli, in which she said “it is time” for a non-white actor to take on the iconic role, adding that it “will happen eventually”, with Elba apparently being the top choice.

As we always say, these are milestones we should’ve reached long before 2018, but we’re delighted at the thought nonetheless. We happen to think highly of Elba (understatement of the year – we absolutely adore the guy) and his diverse resume proves he’d be worthy as the next Bond. Play the Casino Royale video slot at a selection of bonus bez depozytu and claim a bonus to make the most of playing this James Bond slot machine now.

That said, Elba’s one busy guy and by the time the next film from the franchise roles around, he could very well be working on his next project. If this is the case, here are a number of other leading ladies and gents we think would slay as the next Bond . . . James or Jane.

Kristen Stewart

This one’s an absolute no-brainer – with such a shady past with regards to female representation, we think it’s about time the James Bond franchise introduced some genderfluidity to its central character and who better to deliver this trait than the genderfluid master herself, K-Stew.

Stewart absolutely slays in every role she’s in and we have no doubt she’d be up for delivering some of her own action sequences while she was at it. #KStew4Bond – you heard it here first!

Jason Statham

The actor might be busy fighting giant sharks, but that’s not to say by the time James Bond 25 is done and dusted he won’t be ready to jump out of the water and give the whole spy thing a spin. Having starred in such films as The Transporter, Furious 7, and Parker, he’s certainly got the Bond credentials. So although he revealed, “No-one is coming to me for that job,” (referring to the role of 007) perhaps in a couple of years he might finally get the call.

Alia Shawkat

If Elba happens to be busy, no need to send out the Search Party – just give Alia Shawkat a call. While she’s yet to star in a major blockbuster – instead opting for indie roles such as Search Party, Transparent, and her writing debut Duck Butter – the girl is oozing with charisma and could no doubt deliver those Bond catchphrases like an absolute boss.

Danny Trejo

It’s about time Bond got a shot of grindhouse edge and who better to deliver it than the smoking gun himself, Danny Trejo. It’s 007 like you’ve never seen him before – a smoking, swearing, Spanish-speaking badass with nothing to lose and plenty of pain to deliver. The Big Bads would be shaking in their boots.

Gal Gadot

Erm, hello!? She’s already Wonder Woman – who’s to say she can’t be 007 as well? Gadot has already proved her clout with regards to action sequences, so we have the utmost confidence in her ability to make it rain bullets while hanging from a helicopter or duke it out with a supervillain aboard the Orient Express. The girl was a goddamn Amazonian Princess, for crying out loud.

Daniel Kaluuya

This makes so much sense and you know it. Daniel Kaluuya nailed it as W’Kabi in Black Panther, and his previous projects show off his dramatic chops in a number of Oscar-worthy performances (including his incredible turn as Chris in Jordan Peele’s satirical horror Get Out). Think about it – he ticks all of the boxes: He can give emotive performances, he oozes charisma, he’s a total badass, and he looks damn fine in a suit. Let’s make this happen, people!

Keri Russell

While Keri Russell’s resume leans more heavily on the TV side, having starred as Elizabeth Jennings (and her many, many aliases) for the past six seasons of The Americans, she’s the real deal when it comes to portraying a spy.

Not only did she help create one of the most complex female characters ever seen on the small screen, but she also performed a lot of her own stunts because (in her words) “it’s fun”. In short, she’d make the perfect Jane Bond.

Donald Glover

In addition to being the creative mind behind FX’s Atlanta, Donald Glover surprised us with his role as Lando in Solo: A Star Wars story. While it’s a long shot, who knows? Maybe he could be the next in line as the Brit spy – he’d certainly bring a sardonic edginess to the role. Plus, the dude looks damn fine in a suit.

Thandie Newton

She played Val in Solo: A Star Wars Story, she played Maeve in Westworld, so why the heck shouldn’t she be the next 007? She’s a total badass, is solid at shooting action scenes, and she’s already British (meaning no dodgy attempts at an English accent). Newton ticks all the boxes!

Letitia Wright

Duh, obviously Letitia Wright would make the perfect female 007 – not only is she spunky, charismatic, and a dab hand at performing action sequences, but as proven by her role as Shuri in Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther, she also knows how to bring the laughs. She’s the full package, the real deal, and an absolute boss, and we’d be living for it if she were to be picked as the next Jane Bond.

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