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Royalty is coming to Queens for the holidays in the Hallmark romance 'A Royal Queens Christmas'. Sometimes you have to cross an ocean to find love!

Is ‘A Royal Queens Christmas’ the best Hallmark movie yet?

If you can’t get enough of Hallmark holiday films, then wait until you check out one of the network’s latest releases. A Royal Queens Christmas premieres this Saturday, December 11th at 8:00/ 7:00 p.m. central time. The movie stars Megan Park & Julian Morris as love interests. On the production side, A Royal Queens Christmas is directed by Lee Friedlander.

While many Hallmark Christmas movies can tend to blend together in terms of their plot, A Royal Queens Christmas takes a new spin on an old trope. The film’s story revolves around the archetype of royalty who come to America, only to unexpectedly fall in love. So what exactly happens in A Royal Queens Christmas? Let’s jump in to find out.

a royal queens christmas

Christmastime in Queens

A Royal Queens Christmas centers on Dee Dee (Park), an Army veteran who returns home to Queens, New York. Dee Dee works at a popular bakery in the city that’s picked to make treats for an international Christmas gala. The big fundraiser is set to be held in Manhattan, where Dee Dee visits before the event to meet with the chef. 

On the way to her preparatory meeting, Dee Dee bumps into Colin (Morris). Literally. Colin accidentally knocks over a plate of desserts from the bakery. After discovering that Colin plays piano, she asks him if he could perform at the Christmas fundraiser to make up for the accident. Dee Dee presumes that Colin is a hotel employee, but the truth is far stranger than she imagines.

Colin is a prince from the made-up European country of Exeter, going incognito amongst the Bayside community. Colin feels more at home amongst the New Yorkers & Dee Dee’s relatives, as he rejects his aristocratic upbringing. In helping together with the international Christmas gala, Dee Dee & Colin get closer to each other, finding they have romantic chemistry.

a royal queens christmas

However, all of this is upended when Colin’s parents, the King & Queen of Exeter, show up in New York. They attempt to arrange a marriage between Colin & a princess, effectively exposing Colin for who he really is. Will Dee Dee & Colin be able to continue their fairytale romance? Or will Colin follow his parents’ wishes? Watch A Royal Queens Christmas to find out.

a royal queens christmas

A Royal Queens Christmas cast

You may be wondering what else A Royal Queens Christmas lead Megan Park has appeared in. This thirty-five-year-old Canadian actress is known for her role as Grace Bowman in the TV show The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Park also appears in shows like The Newsroom, Jane the Virgin, and Young Sheldon

As far as film work goes, Park has been featured in movies like Room with Brie Larson, Central Intelligence with Kevin Hart, and Dog Days with Eva Longoria. Park appeared in her first Hallmark movie in 2015 with A Wish Come True

Park’s co-star Julian Morris has also had a decent acting career up to this point. He’s best known for his role as Wren Kingston on the teen drama series Pretty Little Liars. Additionally, A Royal Queens Christmas isn’t the first time Morris has portrayed a prince on-screen. He played Prince Philip occasionally on the show Once Upon a Time.

a royal queens christmas

Morris has also gotten prestigious television roles recently. He made appearances in the critically acclaimed series The Good Fight & The Morning Show. We’ll see how these two experienced character actors fare as leads in A Royal Queens Christmas

A Royal Queens Christmas debuts on the Hallmark Channel Saturday, December 11th at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time. The film stars Megan Park & Julian Morris in perhaps their biggest roles since The Secret Life of the American Teenager & Pretty Little Liars respectively. Are you excited for A Royal Queens Christmas? Let us know in the comments!

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