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Marvel's 'Ant-Man' always manages to make us smile – even if we’re stuck dealing with 2020's disasters. Here are some 'Ant-Man' memes to save the day.

2020 got you down? These ‘Ant-Man’ memes know how you feel

Marvel’s Ant-Man is one of the most delightful superhero films out there. Somehow the movie always manages to make us smile – even if we’re stuck coping with 2020’s wicked curveballs. We’ve all been through a lot so far in this disastrous year, so when the sweet release comes our way we’re ready to embrace it.  

Luckily, Ant-Man is swooping in to lighten the mood. How does it accomplish this mighty feat? Well, Luis – the optimistic “But I Got the Van” dude – is here to save the day. The memorable scene features a classic conversation that is way too relatable right now. 

Ant-Man meme origin

For context – Scott Lang (aka Ant-Man depicted by Paul Rudd) has just been released from prison. Luis (Michael Peña) graciously gives Scott a ride home. This conversation takes place during that car ride. With such hilarious dialogue, comes some beautiful memes inspired by the scene.

Half-life hope

As long as we have Half-Life 3 on the way we can get through 2020 guys. We’ll even survive the alien invasion on the horizon. 

2020’s 4/20 

Oh, how we miss April. Quarantine let us all chill out and toke it up . . . for a whole month. 

Stimulus relief

Wow – that list just keeps getting longer. But at least there are stimulus checks? If you got yours of course – many people still haven’t. 

Meme team

Ain’t that the truth! Memes are keeping us alive

Down with TikTok

India has had it pretty bad. But at least they took down TikTok which could have been leaking a bunch of private information to the Chinese Communist Party. 

A Luis recap

Oh boy – remember when people were talking about “bat soup”? That was only the beginning . . .

Quarantine whiplash

Life outside of the house is still a mystery. Who knows how the world is changing while we stay inside and look at memes all day. 

Let’s skip COVID-19

Can Scott’s plan please work? 

Minecraft for days

Who doesn’t have some glorious Minecraft creations ever since quarantine happened? At least we can marvel at that instead of the rising coronavirus cases. If only we could all be optimistic like Luis. 

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