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Zac Efron’s new look is. . . interesting compared to his younger days. Head back to high school and dive into the reactions about Zac Efron on Twitter. 

Why are Twitter users comparing Zac Efron to his younger self?

Many Twitter users are voicing their confusion over Zac Efron’s new look, comparing him to his younger self after the actor’s most recent appearance. 

Zac Efron recently aided in promoting Bill Nye’s Earth Day: The Musical special on Facebook Watch along with several other celebrities who made videos encouraging environmental awareness. Fans immediately latched onto his altered jawline, comparing the picture to images of his younger self on Twitter. 

But why are so many people hung up on this? What are the best reactions to Zac Efron’s recent image as well as the comparisons to his younger self? We bopped to the top of the threads to find the best reactions to Zac Efon and the comparisons to his younger self. Let’s head back to high school and dive into these reactions about Zac Efron on Twitter. 

Plastic surgery? 

One of the prominent questions people are asking is this: did the High School Musical star get plastic surgery? Or has he simply had some sort of standard tooth surgery? 

Nothing is confirmed yet, but this is also not the first time Zac Efron has shocked the internet with a look that once clashed with his younger appearance. Efron shocked fans with a huskier look last year for his role on Netflix’s “Down To Earth” series, with many fans supporting his new appearance. 

Despite this, Efron is currently keeping quiet about the issue. Naturally, Twitter is not discouraged from the lack of answers, instead continuing to speculate and, as usual, make memes about Efron’s latest picture. 

Twitter reactions never die

Twitter never runs out of things to say, does it? 

Some of the best reactions include: 

. . . That’s pretty accurate, we can’t lie. . . 

The fans have arrived. Whether that’s good or bad remains to be seen. . . 

Yikes! Thanks for giving us nightmares. 

That is impressive that he looks like that at thirty-three. . . 

Right to the point. 

Avengers, assemble! 

Oof, hitting where it hurts. Harsh but true. 

He is! This started with him supporting Bill Nye, so he clearly has a lot more on his mind than showtunes. 

Oh just keep scrolling, dude. You’ll find out soon enough. 

Again, that’s pretty accurate. . . 

What is your opinion on Zac Efron’s latest photo and the comparisons to his younger self? Drop your thoughts below in the comments cause we are all in this together. . . 

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