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If you haven’t already been charmed by the extremely talented Xiao Zhan you will be shortly. Here are some of our favorite Xiao Zhan videos.

Xiao Zhan videos: The ones you need to be watching on repeat

If you haven’t already been charmed by the extremely talented Xiao Zhan you will be shortly. Xiao is a Chinese actor famous for his roles in Oh! My Emperor and the new, popular Chinese drama The Untamed. Not only this, Xiao is a singer and member of the male idol group X Nine. 

Because Xiao is a man of many talents, there’s so much footage of him out there that needs to be seen. Warning – if you watch these videos of him you’re bound to fall in love.

“Buying Ears” – a short film

This short film will blow your mind! Xiao Zhan gives a beautiful performance as a young adult living in a city who loves his grandmother. It’s so heartbreakingly pure it will leave you in tears. 

Xiao & Wang duet The Untamed main theme

Odds are you may have seen this one already, but if you haven’t you must. Our favorite duo do an amazing job singing the main theme of The Untamed together. Not to mention, it’s just a gorgeous theme with dazzling shots from the show. 

“The Satisfaction” Music Video

It’s way too easy to get addicted to Xiao Zhan’s music – this song in particular is so soft & melodic. We could just curl him and cuddle a kitty while watching this. Plus, the beautiful scene shots in this music video are amazing – not to mention Xiao’s outfits are on-point as usual. 

“Stepping On Your Shadow” Music Video

If you’re looking for proof that Xiao can sing – his voice is so lovely in this song. Sappy & wonderful this music video is such a mood. Set to cool clips from The Untamed, we can’t stop watching & listening to “Stepping On Your Shadow.”

“Joy of Life” end theme song Yu Nian

This stunning video features an amazing performance by Xiao. The video is so vivid and his voice is so smooth & uplifting. We hope you enjoy this one as much as we do! 

Most searched Q&A

We get to seek a peek of his sweet personality as he does his best to thoroughly answer these silly questions. Not sure if these questions are actually the top searched, but nevertheless we definitely wanted to hear Xiao Zhan talk about his cat. 

Boys bein’ pretty 

This video is a must-see. Wang Yibo & Xiao Zhan are absolutely adorable behind the scenes. (Spoiler warning!) At the end they have an argument over who is prettier. I mean – could we ask for more?

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  • Beautiful videos, thank you.

    Just to let you know that “Stepping on Your Shadow” is set to cool clips from “Oh! My Emperor”.

    Cheers and have a great day.

    June 14, 2020
  • The “Stepping on Your Shadow” music video has scenes from “Oh! My Emperor”, not from “The Untamed” as stated in your article.

    June 15, 2020
    • Xiao zhan, he is really cute guy i have ever seen. My first BL drama was the untamed. Hus acting is superb. His smile is adorable. Lots of love from nepal xiao zhan❤️🇳🇵

      June 21, 2020
  • A decent and handsome actor. Love him.

    August 17, 2020
  • Love you Xiaozhan

    October 13, 2021

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