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Thank you: Did Wuhan lab helpers really leak the coronavirus?

Are we still thinking Covid-19 came from bat soup? Several conspiracy theories have surged in order to explain the phenomena. Yet, further than a political or economic war, is it possible that the coronavirus actually leaked  from a lab? Well, according to the FBI Director Christopher Wray, after investigations the bureau concluded the pandemic was possibly the result of a leak from a Chinese lab. 

But how can a virus get accidentally leaked? Was it accidental or were twisted intentions set behind this virus spreading by covid helpers? Although at this moment of life we’re almost forgetting two years of lockdowns & masks, authorities are still investigating how we got there. Nevertheless, let’s keep in mind that pandemics have always happened in history, so let’s not be that paranoid. 

However pandemics always traverses political interests, let’s have in mind that if this is real this means COVID came from a Chinese government-controlled lab. The FBI has played a fundamental role in this investigation since it counts on personnel like analysts, virologists and microbiologists. Specifically focusing on the dangers of biological threats of viruses  since they can also serve as lethal weapons. 

Is Dr. Anthony Fauci a liar? 

As we mentioned, all points at a Wuhan Lab to be the main responsible of the whole coronavirus pandemic that took two years from us. Several controversial twitter threads have pointed out political interests from Communist China, yet let’s not forget that American labs & figures also benefited quite a lot. Speaking of which, Dr. Anthony Fauci is now being signaled to have lied to the congress. 

Currently,  the FBI & the Department of Energy have finally concluded that the coronavirus did originate at the Wuhan lab. To this, a twitter user commented “Does that mean Dr. Anthony Fauci funded the development of COVID-19?” and the question is held in our minds. Let’s have in mind that Dr. Anthony Fauci duplicated his net worth due to Covid-19, so this concerns him directly! 

In order to solve our question Musk entered the conversation by responding: “He did it via a pass-through organization (EcoHealth),” This is making a clear reference to Dr. Fauci’s nonprofit group giving $8 million in federal research with the purpose of studying bat coronaviruses in China. Anyway, let’s stay hypercritical and keep in mind that Musk has been slowly moving to right-wing forces in the US during these last years. 

Conspiracy or racism?

Elon Musk has also been related to several politically incorrect behaviors such as  racism, gender issues, as well as Russia-Ukraine conflict issues in the US. Yet, Musk is only the personification of a profile shared by many people, which definitely interferes in the way the Covid-19 pandemic was treated and medically portrayed. Situations like specific lab vaccine mandates can be considered as racism. 

Foreign ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning has spoken up about this institutional racism. “Certain parties should stop rehashing the ‘lab leak’ narrative, stop smearing China and stop politicizing origins-tracing.” Nonetheless, FBI director Christopher Wray kept accusing Beijing of thwarting efforts in order to determine the source of the virus. Once again we need to say thank you to twitter threads!

From Wray’s point of view, the Chinese government is doing everything to “thwart and obfuscate” all the institutional hard work that they were doing to fight the pandemic. To Be completely honest, this is quite a complex topic. From one side, if all this came from sloppy practice from lab helpers, there are still millions of lives that were lost thanks to COVID. 

On the other hand, this is a very delicate statement for the FBI to make since it can totally be a mechanism to weaponize. Communist China already warned Musk against addressing this COVID lab leak conspiracy as soon as it began to affect his business projects in the country.

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