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December is the month for Dr. Fauci's retirement and several thousand dollars are involved. Will this define the end of an era? Here's all you need to know.

Is Fauci’s retirement to avoid prosecution for vax mandates?

Although we’re no longer concerned about wearing masks, the covid-19 pandemic still plays as background music. Although detected cases & deaths have significantly decreased compared to 2020, they’re still happening, also, political issues around vaccines will stay for a while. Elon Musk, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and Joe Biden lead the current discussion around vax mandates. 

Magnate Musk has used his own platform Twitter to signal, through memes & post-truth quotes, as usual, why Dr. Fauci should be prosecuted. In case you ignore who Dr. Fauci is, just know he has worked as a medical advisor for seven American presidents starting with Ronald Reagan. He has been responsible for the political management of several diseases like Ebola & Aids. 2023 will mark his retirement.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr.Fauci stood firm in signaling the importance of vaccines and of recognizing the virus as lethal. He also duplicated his net worth during these two years, which is why according to Elon Musk, Fauci is responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic & mismanagement. Yet, no matter which political wing you lead on, can we talk about vax mandates? they can be both twisted and necessary. 

Biden’s campaign 

Dr. Anthony Fauci was certainly behind Biden’s ears whispering to make vaccines mandatory. To be honest, he’ll possibly still do it after his retirement. Nevertheless, there was another voice advising Biden on how unstrategic it would be to make this decision public during his presidential campaign. That is exactly the reason why we’re discussing this two years after the pandemic started.

For several political analysts, Joe Biden avoided concise statements around vaccines, to keep the anti-vaccine movement voters in his pocket. Otherwise, he would have created an opposition groundswell. Healthcare-related services and situations are political divisors that could break political followers to lead a particular candidate. This happens a lot with topics like abortion. 

Yet, Biden’s warmness didn’t last long, in April 2021, his administration ruled out several plans for a federal database. It was all compacted through a “credential”, or “passport” in order to verify citizens’ vaccination status. By September of that same year, President Biden announced that the federal government would take steps to mandate COVID-19 vaccination for certain entities.

Remember when Biden was president-elect in December 2020 and claimed that he did not intend to mandate the COVID-19 vaccine to all citizens? This gets even more terrifying if we think epidemics won’t stop popping and suddenly we won’t have the real freedom to choose on getting a vaccine. Have we ever?

 No one is standing with a gun obligating citizens to get their vaccine dose. However, if that becomes the requirement to attend all places, events, and even travel it leads to no option for people but vaccinating. So, in this scenario, it’s impossible to talk about the freedom to choose. Always stay critical of your real right to “decide” over your body, many governments should get their retirement for that to really happen.  

Vax mandates 

For several, including Dr. Fauci of course, Vax mandates are the only solution to reach the best healthcare scenario towards the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently, several states, municipalities, and private entities in America have enacted many vaccine mandates. Will this change after Fauci’s retirement, is that what we should be aspiring to?

This will probably make no difference in the feeling of living in a dystopian world but know that mandatory vaccination is not Dr. Fauci-COVID exclusive. The way Hepatitis B was handled, marked a precedent for mandatory vaccination. This happened because several healthcare workers were performing exposure-prone procedures and getting vaccinated became a requirement.

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