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Is Colloidal silver a cure for coronavirus?

There is no medical cure for coronavirus and all viral infections, which is why people are turning to nature for solutions. One of the known natural antivirus agents is colloidal silver, a traditional remedy whose antiseptic properties were used in ancient Egypt, the Middle East and India by royal households to keep water and other fluids fresh and to treat various infections. Until its ban in the 1930s, it was recognized and used as a broad-spectrum antimicrobial by clinicians to treat bacterial, parasitical, fungal and viral infections. But is Colloidal silver a cure for coronavirus as televangelists in the US and several news outlets claim? This article focuses on its antiviral properties in connection with coronavirus.

Colloidal silver and coronavirus

In the absence of medical solutions for coronavirus, people are turning to natural solutions such as colloidal silver. Because colloidal silver is a broad-spectrum antivirus, that also strengthens the immune system, it can potentially prevent or help to treat coronavirus infection. Many people are now taking it prevent infection. Websites that sell colloidal silver have seen an increase in article views and purchases of colloidal silver by people in Hong Kong and China.

On the Jim Bakker show, naturopathic doctor Sherrill Sellman said Silver Solution has been tested on some of the strains of coronavirus and found to effectively deactivate them and to boost the immune system. The product in the article sells for $125 (£95) but high quality colloidal silver can also be sourced from  reputable sellers in the UK who ship globally – for as little as £9.99 for a 15ml bottle.

Medical use and research on colloidal silver

Before antibiotics were invented, colloidal silver was used until there was pressure to remove it from the market in the 20th century because silver is natural and cannot be patented. Now companies are permitted to use it in medical instruments and wound dressings to kill pathogens. Many manufacturers have registered numerous patents for colloidal silver medical products. Colloidal silver is extensively used in medical implants, wound dressings, dental work, surgical needles, breathing tubes, bone implant systems, fracture setting instruments and catheters (to kill pathogens). Consumers should ask themselves why it was banned and is now being widely used in medical products.

Research into its efficacy as an antimicrobial agent is ongoing and it is now known to kill over 650 known pathogens within 72 hours. In one study, three types of silver nanoparticles, one in a magnetic form, were tested and found to effectively destroy bacteriophage ϕX174, murine norovirus (MNV), and adenovirus serotype 2 (AdV2) under different conditions. The magnetic form was found to be most effective.

Colloidal silver has also been found to kill and eradicate the smallpox virus, the influenza virus and HIV-1, and to prevent HIV from attaching to host cells. It is known to prevent infections and viruses such as hepatitis B. It is also used to treat and prevent flu and the common cold. A study on children up to 12 years old, with nasal congestion and the common cold, treated half of them with a solution of silver and beta glucan and the other half with saline solution. Both groups benefited, but 90% of the silver group completely recovered.

There have been many other studies. Still, currently available research evidence only reveals the surface of the potential benefits. More research is required.

Three Ways in Which Colloidal Silver Works

DNA binding. Colloidal silver goes straight to the DNA of the virus (and other pathogens) and binds with the DNA. In the process it destroys the hydrogen that holds the cell together, destroys the cell and kills the virus.

Pathogen cell membranes. Colloidal silver also attaches to the virus’ cell membrane and foils its attempt to attach itself to the host cells, preventing infection.

Catalytic oxidation. Colloidal silver attaches to oxygen molecules and reacts with certain molecules that circle around viruses. The virus then fails to attack body cells.

Risks of using colloidal silver

There are claims that colloidal silver doesn’t work at all and myths that it poses risks. However, many people who have used it, including Gwyneth Paltrow and Kourtney Kardashian, swear by it.

Colloidal silver will kill pathogens but will not affect the beneficial bacteria in the gut. It is even safe for pregnant women and children. One big benefit of taking colloidal silver is that it doesn’t create any resistance in pathogens. It has even been found to be effective in destroying drug-resistant MRSA pathogens that cause life-threatening infections. Yet it has no known side-effects.

However, poor quality colloidal silver with impurities and fillers (that may be toxic), ionic silver and high concentration colloidal silver will cause problems such as turning the skin blue. This is why people should not make colloidal silver at home and preferably buy good quality products from reputable sources.

Final scoop:

The coronavirus is a new phenomenon and there is no research on potential cures. Colloidal silver may be a lifeline or just a gimmick – only time will tell. Clearly there is a lot of positive information about Colloidal silver which, in the absence of a mainstream solution, is not something to be dismissed outright.

Of course, there are several other ideas on what could be a possible cure about coronavirus. A keto diet helps bolster your immune system, so maybe that could be key in curing coronavirus.

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  • Been taking it for years. Easy enough to make at home as well. 2 pure silver rods ($15 on ebay), some 9 volt batteries, and some distilled water (must be distilled). Videos all over youtube how to make it, strength, how much, etc. It works! NASA uses it because they have to self medicate in space.

    April 16, 2020
  • I have a toddler with viral pneumonia, I have been using collodial silver in diffuser.. anything I should know? How long should I use for ? It seems she s been coughing a bit more..

    April 16, 2020
    • If the person has a lot of lung mucous, this will agitate and can cause coughing fits.
      the silver if nebulised, should be used for a short time, and coughing afterwards should be encouraged.
      just ensure not soo much is inhaled is mucous is quite a bit, as you don’t want a coughing fit.
      1 to 2 treatments, not more than 3ml for an adult is sufficient to kill covid.

      July 25, 2020
      • In the article above the state that the silver does not kill your good bacteria. That is opposite of what I have seen other places. Does anyone know for sure?

        October 5, 2020
    • You can use cbd oil 500 mg full spectrum drops for toddlers alongside silver. It works great. I tried it on my daughter and worked wonders.

      October 26, 2020
  • I was diagnosed with lymes disease two years ago and started extensive research on the internet. Is when I discovered colloidal silver. I learned that to be effective against lymes disease the liquid colloidal silver must be transformed into a mist that is readily absorbed into the blood stream and gets to the lungs quickly which is most vulnerable and to the brain/blood barrier where it destroys the lymes spirochetes. I went and bought a nebulizer that turns liquid colloidal silver to a mist. It is made by a company called OMRON

    However i learned that the source of the colloidal silver is extremely important. It must be non ionic and pure. I found a distributor called PUREVON that makes perhaps the purest form of colloidal silver in the US. I started taking purevon using my nebulizer in 2018 and the retesting came back on my lymes as completely gone. There is no known virus or bacteria that can overcome or mutate against colloidal silver. In the middle ages rich families had silver spoons and escaped the ravages of the bubonic plague. Howerver, using silver utensils takes months to build immunity while using the nebulizer acts instantaneously.

    There are rumors that colloidal silver will turn you blue. Not correct. Only one man turned blue after ingesting gallons of impure silver (not colloidal) he made at home. It is very safe when bought through a reputable dealer. There is resistance by the pharmaceutical industry to any alternative treatment to drugs as their drugs are synthetic and patented. Silver is natural and can’t be patented so no profit thus GREAT RESISTANCE to using colloidal silver for coronavirus by the medical profession which is subsidized/owned by big pharma

    Here in chicago they’ve converted the McCormick center into a three thousand bed hospital. What an opportunity to conduct colloidal silver tests using nebulizers but we know big pharma will stop any such testing as CS is not patentable and thus not profitable. Instead of companies pushing the sale of colloidal silver why can’t a small team of professionals into alternative natural treatments like CS conduct a test using colloidal silver and push nebulizers and not just the liquid CS as it was effective in destroying my lymes disease, ridding my body of the infectious spirochetes quickly when the colloidal silver MIST quickly entered my lungs, and blood stream wiping out the lymes virus.. Just one such successful testing of CS and nebulizers on coronavirus advertised on a national talk show reaching millions would start turning the tide. Big pharma, the USDA or any greedy corporate monopoly could not quash such proven tests. You can’t fool all the people all of the time honest abe said

    April 17, 2020
  • MesoSilver ® 20 ppm Colloidal Silver 250 mL/8.45 Oz on Amazon is one of the best silvers you can buy, I have done hours of research, there are inferior ones on the market. I mix it with oregano oil to strengthen it. Oregano oil is another virus killer google it and see for your selfs

    April 20, 2020
  • I have a strong suspicion that I have already had coronovirus. I experienced most of the symptoms and at the time, I remember thinking that this was different to other flu like symptoms I’ve had in the past . I regularly take very small amounts of colloidal silver and I’m generally fit and healthy. I took more colloidal silver at that time as I had a particularly bad sore throat. My symptoms subsided after around 7 days, although bad stomach issues persisted. I”m absolutely convinced that colloidal silver played a major role in my recovery as I took very little else ( manuka honey and amino acids / multivitamins). People are too quick to dismiss what they don’t fully understand….I’m a huge believer in natural remedies. They do actually work!

    April 22, 2020
  • The FDA lies as it works for the big pharma. So if colloidal silver doesn’t work, why does NASA use it in their water purification system? Why did doctors use silver nitrate in a newborn’s eyes for a hundred years?

    April 22, 2020
  • I would like to get together a team of professional who agree that colloidal silver should be tested up against covid 19. Ideally they should be involved in research, have high status (professors, doctors), in the natural field, well known in political circles, celebrities, in the public eye. If none of the these; just be ordinary people who have a strong desire to arrest Covid 19 before it permanently takes hold of our civilisation.

    April 25, 2020
    • Has anyone taking colloidal silver gotten the virus?
      Also has anyone gotten the virus and taken colloidal silver and recovered?
      This can answer the question if it works or not.

      I do not take it regularly but whenever I get a cold or flu symptom I take it and I am recovered it in a day or two.

      So that makes me someone who takes colloidal silver and has not gotten the virus or been sick from the flu in over 10 years.

      And I don’t even take it regularly if I get a cold symptom or flu symptom I take it for a day or two and the cold is gone.

      June 13, 2020
  • CS is Fantastic. Bad infection in 2002. A friend said why aren’t you taking CS. I said too expensive, he said you make it. I researched it for 3 months. Even watched the, Nobel prize winning, Bob Beck Vids Do not use tap Water. Only use Distilled Water. Caution distilled water will absorb minerals from your body so use in moderation. Brings me to dosage I use. Someone sneezes on the bus. When I get home a table spoon is good. I find I have a fever and suspect a cold. If I notice withing 6 hrs. A tablespoon and a mouthful to gargle with, usually kills the cold in 2 to 4hrs. If the cold gets persistent because I was too busy with work to notice then 3 tablespoons a day. Regarding Psoriasis or those type skin diseases. Those are Diet problems related to leaky gut. “Toxins in the blood”. There are 2 or 3 books on getting rid of Psoriasis, That is how I got rid of mine. I also fired the doc that said the 3rd time I can give you antibiotics for that. Last I use a tds ez meter to measure the ppm of silver in the water, “company HM Digital, Bought on Amazon for $12. to $17 . I try for 20 to 30 ppm, the ppm I found was recommended. A laser might work I just prefer the accuracy of a meter to measure with. To make the CS water I bring the distilled water to almost a boil Then soak the rods for 15 to 20 min. If I do not heat the water it takes longer. I also filter the end result with a coffee filter. Only use glass jars, never plastic. Always use 27 volts “3 9 volt batteries in series, and .999 silver rods. I always filter the end result, I always clean the rods with a real copper scouring pad. Doctors told me I would always have colds that were very serious. Not now not ever again. My cat prefers water with cs in it.

    May 5, 2020
    • I have consumed distilled water for 49 years near exclusively

      The minerals in water are fine for plants but in humans more likely to harden blood vessels and block pineal gland melatonin secretion, thereby hastening aging degeneration and early death

      Just look at appliances and windshields spotted with mineral water. Yuck

      Get your minerals from food … a form that we can utilize it instead of being mummified by mineral water

      I have three younger siblings that didn’t drink distilled water … how I wish they had. It is sad

      July 6, 2020
    • I am 85 years old. Been taking Utopia colloidal silver for 2 years and have not had any kind of sickness. Being yelled at for not getting the shots for the corona virus even my doctor is upset with me. I swear by it. A teaspoon every morning.

      May 2, 2021
  • What is the best and safest type to buy online at a reasonable price? Thanks

    May 7, 2020
  • Buy a machine, such as SilverLungs, and make it yourself. Just be sure to use distilled water.

    June 23, 2020
  • My name is Graham Drake and I am an 81 year old pensioner resident in South Africa. I Have been making and taking Colloidal Silver for over 10 years and I have not had a cold or influenza in all that time I agree with the suggestion on this site that it would be easy and meaningful to receive comments from regular users as to whether anyone has contracted the Corona virus . If not, that would be a tremendous step forward in assessing the value of colloidal silver in fighting the scourge of this killer disease. I have had no side effects from using Colloidal Silver at a strength of 6 ppm and a dosage of 15 to 20 millilitres per day.

    June 29, 2020
  • I had the “flu” this year and took it away in 2 days. I swear by it and I think it cures everything including the bad cold these days. Don’t let the media fool you into thinking otherwise. It’s been used for hundreds of years.

    July 5, 2020
  • 2000ppm by Innovative natural products.
    This stuff works great every time I feel like I am coming down with a cold or the flue I will put 4-6 drops in an 8 oz glass of distilled or RO water and by the second glass 4-6 hours later it is completely gone.
    I have been using this brand for 15 years.

    July 7, 2020
  • Back in the early 2000’s I used CS that I made using Canadian Maple leaf coins ( .9999 Silver ). I had some terrible pain and severe inflammation. The inflammation was so bad I could no longer sleep. A Doctor gave me some NSAIDs which did work only if you look, NSAID medication can be very bad. I lived with a person that was an RN and every week she came home with a new bug. And every week I would catch the bug. When I first started taking CS all the sickness stopped. I am the type of person that if I get around anybody that is ill, I catch it.

    I consumed CS for three and a half years. I would put some in a 20 ounce bottle and carry it with me and drink on it all day. It kept the pain away and in fact I do not suffer from the inflammation to this day which is ~15 years later. I consider it as curing the pain that I had. Not one time did I ever catch any illness. No colds or flu. I have never gone this long. I would typically get a bad fever at lest once a year along with the usual dose of colds and flus that came around every year.

    I had a girl friend who had a son. He was in the process of getting sick. I gave him a small amount, with his mothers blessing, and by the end of the day he felt no illness. Months later, he felt an illness again and he came to me asking for some silver because he knew it worked. He knew it would be gone in a few hours.

    Today, I am looking for my silver to start making it again to protect my family. Will it work on Covid19? Jury is still out but I do have absolute faith in it. Prevention and curing is two different animals. Curing may be a bigger battle if your lungs are filled with gunk. I started taking this only using 1 ounce a day and it prevented sickness (from the RN). I took large amounts because of the pain I suffered.

    If you want to make your own, be aware that it takes quality distilled water. Read the label as most distilled water you find has been put through Reverse Osmosis. RO prevents CS from being made as it takes out ALL the minerals (electrolytes) from the water making the water unable to pass an electric current which is needed. This is the biggest hump you have to get over in making it… finding good distilled water.

    It does work for me. But I think these people who sell it for a small fortune are just greedy people. It cost almost nothing to make with the exception of the initial cost of the silver. After you buy the silver, the only real cost you have is the distilled water.

    This here is what I actually did for a long time. I will not be held liable for the information I have here. I did this for ME and ME only. I did not turn blue and I was careful in making it. Do your homework.

    Good luck. God bless you all.

    July 7, 2020
    • If a person had a virus say, covid for example…how much would they take, hypothetically speaking? Would 4-5 tsp be a safe choice or might they need more? Thank you.

      October 6, 2020
      • 4 teaspoons throughout the day would be fine away from food for a serious virus, covid inside the lungs needs to be fought inside the lungs, vicks vaporub not the generic brand, generously on upper body and on feet with socks over them, be firm,

        October 13, 2020
  • When the hospital gave my wife a super bug. Meso colloidal silver kill it’ I used it for 22 years now . Never a virus or cold. I fear no virus I’m 72 women love to have my skin . Check out 6103272 Patent on line View the pictures.See it power unfold Metals are the future of your health.

    July 13, 2020
  • Another thing, I was told that antibiotics bind with the pathogen so one antibiotic and one bacteria whilst silver kills and then goes on to kill another. BBC did an article some time ago stating that a study found antibiotics were a thousand times more effective when combined with silver.

    July 28, 2020
  • AS I have a electric generator for making colloidal silver myself. and have used it for several conditions, who would I contact to get confirmed test results in regard to it’s use on corona virus?

    August 10, 2020
  • I am making silver water for 20 years and nobody in my family get flu or any diseisse not even my pats end hundred friends of mine and that is the problem because it work wary well …

    October 21, 2020
  • Been using colloidal silver for decades. it seems to shorten colds and sometimes stops them in their tracks. but don’t make it yourself, you get mostly silver ions, which can turn you blue. you need to buy the quality stuff, the liquid should actually be a dark copper color

    December 17, 2020
  • Please translate if you do not understand portuguese …
    Há muito tempo a eletricidade foi combatida e banida dos tratamentos médicos ou de saúde. As razões são simples: pode ser letal se não houver controle e não pode ser vista. Percebe-se apenas seus efeitos.
    Em 1.930 Royal Raymond Rife foi um dos primeiros a usar esta forma de energia para tratamento. De lá para ca´ muitos tentaram trilhar este caminho e foram desacreditados, até ridicularizados, mas ninguém foi capaz de produzir uma explicação de como poderia atuar.
    Um vírus pode ter a dimensão de 100 nm e se aplicarmos uma voltagem de 1Volt em 1 metro do nosso corpo, sobre o vírus surgirá uma voltagem de 0,1 uV ou 100 nV. Este valor de voltagem se confunde com o ruído elétrico ambiental, sendo incapaz de matá-lo, mas tem sua capacidade terapêutica.
    Este nível de voltagem age sobre todos os seres unicelulares, como bactérias, fungos, amebas, vírus, etc indistintamente.
    Isto levanta uma dúvida: como é possível uma voltagem tão baixa atuar?
    Por mais que pesquisasse nunca encontrei uma resposta coerente e me levou a pensar sobre o assunto, mesmo sem ter feito experimentos sobre o assunto, e mesmo se o fizesse não teria qualquer validade pois não possuo graduação em área biológica. Deixo esta alternativa para quem tiver habilitação.
    Parti das semelhanças existentes nos patógenos. Nenhum deles tem órgãos sensitivos dedicados e são capazes de interagir com o mundo ao seu redor. Como realizam este processo ? É percebendo eletricidade !
    Uma carga elétrica sutil informa ao patógeno que se trata de algum alimento e para absorvê-lo realiza um processo que denominamos de fagocitose. Fagocitose é abrir a sua membrana plasmática, abraçando o que entende como alimento, voltando a se fechar com a comida interiorisada.
    Se a voltagem for persistente o patógeno continuará a abrir. Abrirá tanto que acaba vazando. Ao vazar estará desprovido da sua proteção, a membrana plasmática. Nesta condição qualquer elemento químico poderá agir para se combinar com seu conteúdo, destruindo-o. Resta ao nosso sistema imunológico levar embora este lixo.
    Na prática a eletricidade não mata nada, mas induz o patógeno a se suiciar. Por outro lado a eletricidade pura não agirá no interior das células, pois elas se comportam como uma gaiola de Faraday onde em seu interior não se percebe qualquer voltagem, sendo uma superfície equipotencial formada pela sua camada externa.
    A prata coloidal nada mais é que alguns átomos de prata onde um ou dois estão eletricamente carregados.
    Esta carga faz a repulsão das partículas por apresentarem a mesma polaridade.
    Prata é um elemento químico que dificilmente reage com outro sendo adequado para transportar a carga elétrica.
    Ao se aproximar de um patógeno causará a fagocitose descrita acima. A sua ação em patógenos hospedados em células se dará quando estas absorverem a partícula de prata, provocando o mesmo efeito, já descrito.
    Minha experiência prática com a prata coloidal foi me livrar do herpes, pois fazem mais de 10 anos que não tenho mais manifestações, também me livrei de uma gripe muito forte com um gole de prata coloidal por 3 horas seguidas, mais recentemente me curei do coronavirus com a mesma dosagem da gripe e sumiu com todos os sintomas que estava provocando, foram necessárias 3 horas.
    Deixo este relato como incentivo para que todos possam fazer uso desta maravilha que se chama prata coloidal.

    January 1, 2021

    I know is hard to believe, but this is real. I am from Thailand, Last year I accidentally came to know that I have contracted Hepatitis B. I actually don’t know how or when I contracted it but I have it, I was so depressed to know about it, but worldherbsclinic HBV HERBAL FORMULA was a blessing for me, I am thankful to everyone here. After three months of using their HBV HERBAL FORMULA, my test result came out negative.

    February 11, 2021
  • Have made CS for several years, taking CS as a general health boost. No virus, no stomach problems, and free of colds and flu for 15 years. I make CS using filtered and carbon purified water, I believe that purified water is OK to make CS.
    My wife is a Wild Life carer and she gets lost of injured macropods (kangaroos etc.) to care for. I am amazed how the CS solution applied to dreadful cuts and tears is such a benefit. One doe had her pouch ripped open in a fight, we were able to pour CS into the wound with great results, she is now rearing joeys.
    I am 76 years old and have not turned blue.

    February 22, 2021
  • I started to buy it and now I make it myself (25 ppm).Great results for a lot of different things, no more cold or sinus problems but the best was against genital herpes that make me suffer for over 15 years with crisis every month. They simply seem to have totally disappeared. At the beginning I sprayed it and now I gargle a small amount 3-4 minutes every day and then swallow it. Make nice white teeth too.

    July 16, 2021
  • The main reason coronavirus becomes life threatening is because it can cause pneumonia. We have experienced colloidal silver quickly curing pneumonia!

    Over 8 years ago, an unusual pharmacist recommended colloidal silver over filling a 3rd round of antibiotics that wasn’t curing strep throat for my nephew. Colloidal silver cured it fast! Our family has experienced AMAZING results with colloidal silver curing pneumonia within 3 days every time; 5 different times in us by just taking 1 TBSP orally 3 to 5 times a day and inhaling through nebulizer at least 2 times a day for 15 minutes each time. It even cured 2 cats that were near death from pneumonia and they only received 1cc orally 3 times a day and drops in eyes & nostrils 2 times a day. One of those sick cats had developed a thick milky white film over its eye; a corneal ulcer blinding him. Due to the silver drops it also was completely cured in about 1 week and I was VERY surprised to see my old cat no longer had cataracts either. I started researching and surprisingly found many people saying it cured their cataracts too.

    In Feb 2020 I believe my 2 kids & I had this virus. It was the worst flu we have ever had and it quickly became pneumonia in all 3 of us. Thankfully my husband & elderly dad who lives with us never caught it.

    My son caught it first and nearly 2 weeks later my daughter and I caught it and we had it much longer than my son because he is very diligent about using the colloidal silver in the nebulizer. He has had severe pneumonia 2 other times and he knows that CS taken orally and especially in the nebulizer cures it quickly. For the first minute you breath in the mist it triggers coughing so my daughter and I weren’t diligent and only used the nebulizer 2 or 3 times while we were sick. We sure should have used it because we both got uncontrollable coughing for weeks.

    When we feel a sickness coming on we try to remember to take 1 TBSP orally 3 to 5 times a day holding in our mouth for at least 30 seconds and gargling with it before swallowing. I hate spraying it in my nose because it burns a little so I lay back & let it drip in my nose so it trickles into the upper throat behind the nose that gets swollen & sore when your sick. It burns on the sore area but before long provides much relief!

    In the 8 years since we’ve been using CS, our family hasn’t had rx antibiotics. I have been making it for over 7 years because it is expensive and we also use it for various ailments in our 3 dozen pets; parakeets, kittens, cats, dogs, chickens, horses, even lizards & toads and all with ZERO negative side effects. We have saved a fortune on vet bills and on doctor bills. It is faster than rx for curing pink eye in pets or people..
    Even the vet was amazed to see how well it cured a severe, life threatening abscess in the belly of my little dog. For infected wounds we found it works best when mixed with a little betadine to help dry up infection and hydrogen peroxide to also help fight infection & especially for its fizzy action that helps to carry the silver to all the hidden infected pockets. For years I have put a cupful of CS in pet water bowls (glass or plastic, not metal). The animals seem to prefer those bowls of water plus it keeps them cleaner and slime free and the pets stay healthy.

    I spray strawberries to keep them fresh longer and they no longer mold. I gave some to a friend to help her sick cats and she used it also on her husband. It cured a severe chronic ankle / foot itch that he had been seeing a dermatologist for 10 years with no help.

    Doctors “practice medicine”. I am not a doctor but just wanted to list our experience with CS. Hospitals use it in the best burn and wound meds & bandages so it is a lie when supposed medical expert sites say it isn’t effective. It isn’t patentable because it is a natural remedy. One that has powerful antiviral, antibiotic, antimicrobial properties strong enough to cure staph & mrsa which rx treatments rarely can. Big pharma is a multi-billion dollar industry which has a huge sway with the fda & cdc. There is no profit in healing people. Sad but true.

    August 18, 2021

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