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Is The Weeknd making a dig at ex Bella Hadid with his face? Dive into the latest on their break-up and figure out if this is what's happening with his face.

Is The Weeknd’s strange face a dig at his ex Bella Hadid?

The Weeknd has been in the spotlight for many things – from his rollercoaster of a relationship with ex-girlfriend Bella Hadid to his trendy chart-topping hits – but his gruesome appearances throughout the last year take the cake. 

Recently, the Weeknd released the music video for “Save Your Tears”, the fourth single off of After Hours and shocked the world (again!) with his latest facial metamorphosis. Adding to fans’ speculation about the Weeknd’s extensive facial distortion possibly being a reference to his album’s short film, After Hours, the latest rumor seems to be spun around plastic surgery & Bella Hadid.

When the Weeknd showed up with his heavily contorted ugly mug, including surgical scars & injected lips in the “Save Your Tears” music video, fans thought it was a dig at his former lover & supermodel, Bella Hadid. 

Bella Hadid & The Weeknd’s relationship

Initially, the pair was first seen at Coachella in 2015, after which their relationship was confirmed via various official red-carpet appearances as a couple. Hadid also starred in the Weeknd’s “In the Night” music video. Following, there were multiple breakups & reconciliations between Bella Hadid & the Weeknd – including a brief off-period when the Weeknd publicly dated Selena Gomez in 2017.

In August 2019, the couple finally broke off their on & off relationship due to “conflicting schedules”. Ever since, there have been rumors of Bella Hadid & the Weeknd getting back together but over a year later, they seem to remain off each other.

Lyrical catharsis 

Considering the Weeknd’s musical catalogue, it is not surprising to see many of his tunes are inspired by his real-life celebrity romances, especially the years-long one with Bella Hadid.

Reviewing the Weeknd’s discography in relation to his relationship with Bella Hadid would only serve as a tedious task. However, from what we gathered from several sources, the song that spurred the recent rumor about Bella Hadid’s plastic surgery seems to be “Escape to LA” from his last album, After Hours.

The verse from the song goes like “LA girls all look the same/ I can’t recognize/ The same work done on their face/ I don’t criticize/ [. . .] / She got Chrome Hearts hangin’ from her neck/ And them shits going wild”.

Along with the R&B track’s confusing mix of sad & seductive – a signature of the Weeknd’s music – the lyrics from “Escape to LA” seemed to reference LA-bred Bella Hadid who worked with the brand Chrome Hearts multiple times in her career.

Bella Hadid on plastic surgery

Like every supermodel that found mainstream success & fame, Bella Hadid is no stranger to plastic surgery rumors. But time & again, Hadid denied the rumors, saying “people think I got all this surgery or did this or that. And you know what? We can do a scan of my face, darling. I’m scared of putting fillers into my lips. I wouldn’t want to mess up my face.”

Supporting her daughter, Yolanda Hadid once replied to a person’s comment on Instagram about her daughters allegedly using lip fillers, saying “❤️none of my children have never done fillers or Botox or put anything foreign in their bodies, they know better after seeing what I went through🙏🏻”. 

Fans’ reactions 

Although the jury’s still out on the plastic surgery rumors, fans are convinced the Weeknd was referencing Bella Hadid when he appeared with his face full of prosthetic makeup in the “Save Your Tears” music video.

While a fan deleted a tweet that said, “IS THE WEEKND TRYING TO LOOK LIKE BELLA HADID BC I CAN SEE IT 😭”. Another tweeted the following:

Ultimately, we don’t know the exact reasoning behind the Weeknd’s constantly & drastically changing visage but we can allude it’s a mixture of his personal experiences (his tumultuous relationship with Bella Hadid) and artistic license.

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