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If you can’t get enough of Wang Yibo, then you are going to be loving 2020. We’ve compiled all of the new places we can catch Wang Yibo in 2020.

Wang Yibo: Everything we know about his upcoming year so far

If you can’t get enough of Wang Yibo, then you are going to be loving 2020. The Chinese heartthrob has no shortage of upcoming projects and big releases this year. Boasting a whopping seven confirmed new projects, Wang Yibo will be everywhere this year. With a full slate of projects, plus his weekly appearance on Day Day Up, and his professional racing schedule with Yamaha, there is no way this man sleeps!

We’ve compiled all of the new places we can catch Wang Yibo in 2020, now we’re just hoping he can keep the momentum going, as we can’t wait to see what he’ll have in store for 2021!

Legend of Fei (series)

We’re starting with one of our most anticipated series of 2020, Legend of Fei. A descendant of an iconic martial arts master, Zhou Fei is raised without ever knowing her legacy. When Zhou Fei (Zanilia Zhao Liying) runs away from home, Xie Yun (Wang Yibo) saves her from harm. 

Years later, they meet again, and their connection is rekindled. The young heroes find themselves being chased down by assassins and caught in the center of a brewing conspiracy. Secrets that have been buried for 20 years are about to be uncovered.

Private ShuShan College (series)

Teng Jing (Wang Yibo) is an orphan who lived in Shushan his whole life. He was brought up by the Academy President and the director. As the senior of the elite class of the school, Teng Jing is a stellar student, loved and admired by his peers and faculty. 

Qiu Qi (Wang Yi Lun ) transfers to the college after his parents’ disappearance, and becomes Teng Jing’s roommate. When Teng Jing’s lover Nangong Ling (Chai Wei) suddenly avoids him and announces that she is transferring school. Teng Jing and Qiu Qi then work together to find out the true reason for Nangong Ling’s sudden weird behavior. 

Being a Hero (series)

Starring Wang Yibo, Chen Xiao, and Zhao Zhao Yi, Being a Hero begins five years ago, when Wu Gang was killed by a drug trafficking organization named “K”, and his son Wu Zhenfeng was expelled from the police force. Without a purpose, Wu Zhenfeng leaves town, with his best friend Chen Yu chasing after him. When the two are almost kidnapped, Wu Zhenfeng is brought away by the drug traffickers, to save his friend, and disappears.

When the two meet again, Chen Yu has become a narcotics policeman while Wu Zhenfeng is now a famed murder suspect known by the nickname “Addict Lord”. Ignoring public dissension, Chen Yu sets out to find the truth and clear Wu Zhenfeng’s name, but he gradually discovers that Wu Zhenfeng’s return has another purpose. 

Super Talent (series)

Starring Wang Yibo, Wang Mengli, and Zhang Yijie, the story revolves around a Hogwarts-style college for those with superpowers. Full of magical secrets, Mo Chen is a student who just graduated from high school before his arrival at the college. 

Mo Chen’s pursuit of learning the nuances of his otherworldly powers exposes him to a school full of talented classmates, and secrets that may have some darker origins.

Unexpected Love (Film)

An upcoming Chinese – South Koran romantic comedy, Unexpected Love is the story of a Chinese singer named Han Bin (Lay Zhang) and a Korean dancer named Fei Yan (Krystal Jung) who achieve both work and love through dancing.

Treasured Village (reality series)

A reality show featuring 6 celebrities, Treasured Village takes the stars through 12 special villages. At each new town, they explore the community and the landscape in a funny a new way, connecting with the locals and exposing the beauty in the everyday. 

Produce Camp 2020 (reality series)

Produce Camp 2020 is the reality talent franchise that ultimately creates a pop band from its young and ambitious contestants. Known for having no panel of judges and using only the audience to make decisions, Produce Camp begins with over 100 contestants, eventually narrowing the field all the way to 11. Wang Yibo will serve as one of the show’s celebrity coaches.

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