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Hit Youtube channel Unus Annus might have ended, but the memes will live on. Here are the best of the bunch.

These Unus Annus memes will make you laugh for another year

While the hit Youtube channel Unus Annus might have ended on Friday, the meme lives on. Youtube gamers Mark Fischbach & Ethan Nestor may have created the YouTube channel (meaning one year in Latin) to last only a year, but that doesn’t mean you have to go the rest of your life without some content from the deceased channel. 

Though a ton of screenshotted content on Instagram & Reddit has been deleted, here are the memes that live on, even if Unus Annus (and ultimately everyone) won’t. 

Childhood is a free trial

Still mind-blowing. Never forget Ethan’s tiny hands.

Basically porn

Let’s be honest. Taken out of context, Unus Annus could be considered porn and therefore wouldn’t survive on Tumblr. Take your memes where & while you can.

Naked a lot

Who knew at the start of this whole crazy experiment that Mark & Ethan would be naked? A lot? Or swallowing hot dogs. Life is weird.

Relatable content

Even if they have no idea what Unus Annus was, everyone hates math, making this the most relatable meme to send anyone ever. 

For the lone viewer in your friend group

Even though the videos are over, so are the glazed eyes and unappreciative glares from your friends & family when you try to describe a new Unus upload. You’re now free. Sad, but free. 

For when you forget about the channel

A year from now, when you’re racking your brain for what Unus Annus videos were like, this meme will bring all those memories back.

Mark is a Masochist 

He may try to deny it, but Mark relished pain. 

For when you miss Unus Annus AND want to feel superior

Hey, one of the greatest YouTube channels may be over, but at least you got the memories & knowledge about the channel before it was deleted

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