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Unus Annus said goodbye to YouTube. But what’s the story behind the channel and what does their logo mean?

What’s the story behind the Unus Annus logo?

Sometimes we have to say goodbye to our favorite things. YouTubers come & go, but what happens when you know the end date of your favorite YouTube channel? Unus Annus recently said goodbye and deleted their entire channel from the video platform. 

Mark Fischbach (Markiplier) & Ethan Nestor-Darling, (CrankGameplays) created Unus Annus a year ago with the promise that in exactly a year they’d delete their YouTube channel. It’s been a year and this month we said goodbye to Unus Annus. What’s the story behind the channel? What does the Unus Annus logo mean? Here’s what we know.

One year

Unus Annus is Latin for “one year”. That’s how long we got to enjoy Markiplier & CrankGameplays content on YouTube. This collaboration began November 15th, 2019, and ended on November 14th, 2020 at 12AM PST. All of the videos on the channel no longer exist and the Unus Annus merchandise has been removed from their store. 

Markiplier has been known as a gamer on YouTube since he joined in 2012. Thirty-one-year-old Mark Fischbach continues making videos with over 27 million subscribers on his main YouTube channel. He’s known for his successful YouTube Original series called A Heist with Markiplier with the second installment incoming. 

CrankGamePlays is a slightly smaller channel with just under 2 million subscribers. The twenty-four-year-old is also known for gaming videos and his comedy stylings. Ethan Nestor may not be as popular as Markiplier, but his role on Unus Annus was vital for the now-deleted channel. 

Saying goodbye

After a year of daily content, Unus Annus said goodbye to its loyal fanbase of 4.5 million subscribers. Markiplier & CrankGamePlays documented the occasion with a twelve-hour live stream reminiscing about the year that’s past. Fischbach & Nestor are making sure no one reuploads their Unus Annus content to keep the sanctity of their channel and its meaning.

Unus Annus YouTube channel showed a variety of different pranks, from cooking with sex toys to building an escape room. The duo even drank each other’s pee (after it was filtered.) Over 1.5 million people gathered together to see their favorite channel say goodbye. Of course, Markiplier & CrankGamePlays’s channels will remain on YouTube!

The channel’s creators made sure to let its audience know that Unus Annus had an expiry date. The logo symbolizes the time running out as Unus Annus reached its inevitable end. 

The aftermath

Both Markiplier & CrankGamePlays spoke about the end of their beloved channel. In a video recently released by Fischbach, he reflected on the last year of content: “It was a year’s worth of work to build up to one moment. That one second, before we hit the delete button. That last second – that was everything. And now it’s over.”

Mark Fischbach continued by saying, “I feel better than I ever have in a long time of making stuff on YouTube. I know that a lot of people are grieving . . . grieving was the point, the loss was the point.” Ethan Nestor also took a look back at Unus Annus and its impact on YouTube in a ten-minute-video posted on his channel. 

“It taught all of us that everything is temporary, and we have to make the most out of every single second, because we will never get a single second back. The clock, whether it’s visible or not, is always ticking. Always. You cannot change it. You can’t try and bargain for more time. You have a finite amount of time. And we gave ourselves one year. And despite what 2020 was, we rolled with it. Because you have to.”

The Unus Annus logo and its message over the past year kept reminding us that time is important. Even with the COVID-19 pandemic, these two creators continued bringing us entertaining content over 365 days. Mark & Ethan deleted anything and everything Unus Annus-related including social media accounts and merchandise. 

How are you feeling about the recent Unus Annus account deletion? Did you watch the live stream? Let us know what you think about the event below. 


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  • I’ve watched the channel from beginning to end and it was a delight. They also really got my mind off things with everything going on at the moment.
    I’m also happy to see that they really went through with the deletion (even if I am a tad sad about this). 😄

    November 18, 2020
  • A month and a half later, Unus Annus has still stuck with me. I didn’t get to watch all of their videos, but I was so happy to get to be there for the final stream. It was a beautiful day with so much community and those are 12 hours I still treasure. I’m still eagerly awaiting the arrival of my Unus Annus hoodie and I’m FINALLY acquiring an Unus Annus tat towards the end of the month. I’m so excited and it’s lovely to have things to look forward to. I’m looking forward to having the reminder on my arm not just of the channel itself but also the message that was the whole point of the channel.

    Your article is a lovely homage to a masterpiece of a channel! <3

    January 3, 2021
  • I was with Unus Annus from the beginning and to the end. What I want to know is who actually made the Unus Annus logo? Who designed it? I’ve searched it up but never got any real results.

    January 9, 2021

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