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If you’re playing 2020 Apocalypse Bingo, then be sure to check off “aliens” on your scorecard. Here's the latest UFO news.

All the UFO news you missed while distracted by the pandemic

If you’re playing 2020 Apocalypse Bingo, then be sure to check off “aliens” on your scorecard. Because why not aliens in 2020? We’ve had everything else. Murder hornets were the least of our issues this year. Murder. Hornets. Needless to say, there’s been a lot of UFO news recently. If you’ve been more focused on the general breakdown of society, then you’re excused if you missed it.

If you’re curious to learn what UFO news you’ve missed, then good news! Here’s a brief and handy guide to help you catch up on all the UFO news that’s been dropped over the past couple of days. Because, at this point in the decade of a year that never ends, we might as well just prepare to bow to our future alien overlords, right?

The basic

On Thursday, Aug. 13, it was announced that the Pentagon is forming a task force to investigate UFOs that have been observed by military aircraft. For those of you familiar with UFOs, the incidents that you should be thinking of are the Nimitz Encounter and the East Coast GO Fast video. 

The task force will be overseen by Deputy Secretary of Defense David Norquist. The Pentagon has previously looked into UFOs with many in Congress and in the defense community worried about these unidentified objects flying over military bases. No one is saying aliens, instead, they’re thinking more drones before aliens.

Which, you know, not as interesting as aliens, but still concerning either way. The Senate Intelligence Committee voted in June for the Pentagon and intelligence community to officially release the report and videos surrounding these leaked encounters.

So is this going to be another Project Blue Book? 

Unfortunately, the answer to that front is no. The Committee is going to investigate the claims of US military personnel, particularly pilots, who have seen and encountered UFOs over the years. From there, they’ll try to determine if the craft that were seen were drones or something else. Though, being honest here, no one in the government is going to want to say alien.

Right now, as always with UFO news, it’s up to see how much the government wants to tell the public about the Committee and how their investigation into these incidents will proceed. We’re at the whim of the government on this front to learn what’s going to happen next. But they are acknowledging the incidents as odd, even if they’re looking for more terrestrial explanations first.

The good news, at least, is that they are planning on making the findings public. This is probably to make sure that no one is going to accuse them of a cover-up. Granted, there are always people that will accuse the government of a cover-up. So, it may be a losing battle. But better to try to give people something over leaving to speculate wildly. Because that never ends well.

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