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Are Canadians flooding 911 call centers with reports of a real UFO sighting? Learn if the truth is out there.

Are people claiming they saw a real UFO clogging up 911 centers?

Ah UFOs. They do exist. Whether or not they’re aliens is another question entirely though. The term unidentifiable flying object tends to make people think of little green men and all that. Instead, it’s a common use term to refer to stuff like space debris or a drone that you haven’t seen before. It can be a real UFO without it being related to aliens, you know?

But what do you do when confronted with a real UFO? For many, it’s a simple answer. You call someone in charge and report. That means calling emergency response systems in your country to report the weird sighting. Of course, you get enough of those? And things can start getting a bit messy for emergency dispatchers, which is what happened in Alberta, Canada. 

Why? Well there’s an uptick in calls surrounding aliens. So maybe call the RCMP version of Mulder & Scully to get on the case. (Which, honestly, we are pretty much here for. Where’s that show, Canada?) 

What happened in Alberta?

People in Alberta have been dealing with COVID by getting new hobbies. For those who don’t want to feed the beast that is sourdough starter or get addicted to video games, this means that they have decided to bust out the astronomy kit instead. This has led to a growing number of unusual calls to Alberta RCMP 911 call centers. The theme, according to Tracy Duval, is around real satellites & UFO sightings.

“There were definitely some themes about unusual UFO sightings and satellites. We were getting a lot of calls with the SpaceX satellite launches. They’re a very specific pattern in the sky, they’re not hitting the ground, and we can just explain very quickly to people that there are actual satellites in there.”

Duval said that some people are convinced that the real aliens have landed from the UFO that they’ve been spotting, “We have situations where people are (saying) … ‘No, it’s legit. The aliens are coming.’ Sometimes it’s making sure that they don’t actually have someone breaking into their house when they’re mistaking it for some extraterrestrial kind of experience.”

COVID, Canada, and real UFOs

UFO sightings have increased during the pandemic in comparison to pre-pandemic numbers. Now does this mean that aliens are real? We can’t really say. Due to people spending more time in one place, well, what else do they have to do but look up at the night sky? Either way, this isn’t a new phenomenon for Canada. In fact, neighboring Canadian province, Manitoba has reported a lot of UFO sightings pre-COVID.

In Oct. 2015, CTV News did a report on the odd relationship between Manitoba and UFOs. For hundreds of years, there have been some very well documented cases of UFOs over the Canadian province. In fact, one sighting dates back to 1792, which is pretty crazy. And it looks like these sightings haven’t stopped. You can find people filming these real UFOs in Manitoba all over the place.

200 or so years of documented sightings? Well, Alberta isn’t near-near Manitoba, Saskatchewan sits smack dab in the middle between the two provinces. Or, at least, so tells a brief look at the map of Canada. Either way, it’s definitely interesting that people’s belief in real aliens is skyrocketing thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. The truth is out there and all that.

What do you think about the real UFO sightings people are reporting in Canada? Is SpaceX responsible for all of them? Or are we seeing some aliens sneaking in under the radar? Let us know your thoughts about this in the comments down below. 

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