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Why is Tom Holland traumatized after filming ‘The Crowded Room’?

Has your favorite Spider-Man, Tom Holland, discovered a new way to save the day – this time focusing on mental health? In his recent venture with AppleTV+, a compelling miniseries called The Crowded Room, the star actor found himself in an unfamiliar emotional terrain that encouraged him to step back and reassess his mental health.

Let’s take a look at the details that have the actor reconsidering his life choices.

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Rough seas

Tom Holland is no stranger to physically challenging roles. But dealing with the heavy mental health themes in The Crowded Room felt like uncharted waters. The story, based on Daniel Keyes’ 1981 novel, The Minds of Billy Milligan, made Holland explore emotions he hadn’t experienced before.

While the actor relished the opportunity to dive deep into the role, the challenges of embodying his character eventually led him to a decision – he needed a break. The Spider-Man actor then retreated, took off for a week in Mexico, and now plans to take a year-long breather.

Holland wasn’t alone in his journey. With the help of friends, family, fellow cast members, and an on-set psychologist, he found the support he needed. Despite the hardships, he believes the experience transformed him positively, leading to personal growth and maturity.

Interestingly, the intense on-set environment led Holland to make some lifestyle changes. He revealed that he had decided to take a hiatus from alcohol, all thanks to his enlightening encounter with his character’s mental health struggles.

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Stepping away

Now on his acting break, what’s a “regular bloke from Kingston” to do? It seems that Holland is relishing the simpler pleasures in life – spending time with family and friends, playing golf, and nurturing his newfound interest in plants.

As he told Extra in a recent interview, he’s been doing his best to keep his new leafy friends alive. It’s clear that life off the set for this superstar is far more relaxed and grounded.

As for The Crowded Room, it’s not just a show to binge-watch. Holland hopes that the series becomes an eye-opener for viewers about mental health. By portraying the intricate facets of the human psyche and the fight against trauma, he yearns for the audience to foster respect and empathy for those battling mental health issues.

Beyond a show

His upcoming miniseries, The Crowded Room, set to stream on AppleTV+ on June 9, is bound to captivate audiences. As an executive producer, Holland hopes that the series will spark empathy and understanding towards individuals grappling with mental health issues.

Having been through the wringer himself, Holland’s journey underscores the importance of mental health, not just for actors playing intense roles, but for everyone.

As Holland takes his bow and steps away from the limelight, one can’t help but wonder: Is this just the beginning of a more personal, off-screen hero journey for our beloved Spider-Man? And could his journey inspire others to prioritize their mental well-being, too?


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