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'Decameron'-inspired 'The Little Hours' tries to be a comedy of Monty Python proportions, but is more akin to a juvenile bedroom farce.

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To help get you in the mood for the return of TV’s sloppiest yet insightful show, here’s our ranking of the ten best episode of 'Drunk History' so

Lulu Danger's unsatisfying marriage takes a turn for the worse when a man from her past comes to town to perform in 'An Evening With Beverly Luff Linn'.

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'Ingrid Goes West' is a savagely hilarious dark comedy that satirizes the modern world of social media. Directed by Matt Spicer.

'Ingrid Goes West' is a dark comedy that satirizes the modern world of social media and proves that being #perfect isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

It's a lot easier to remake a tried-and-true concept than strike out with something new. Why not choose the creepiest doll ever, Chucky, for 'Child's Play'?