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Happy lip-sync anniversary Tom Holland! Grab your web-shooter and swing through these reactions to the Spider-Man actor’s lip sync performance. 

Is Tom Holland the best Spider-Man? His viral lipsync video screams “yes”

Happy lip-sync anniversary Tom Holland! The amazing Spider-Man himself is all over Twitter again, commemorating his iconic LipSync battle. Tom Holland is most known for being the MCU’s Spider-Man, but for the past two days, more people know him for this incredible performance. 

Tom Holland’s rendition of Rihanna’s classic song “Umbrella” wowed fans of the Spider-Man actor when he came out in drag and completely owned the stage with his incredible choreography & presence. Many audience members, including Tom Holland’s Spider-Man co-star Zendaya, were in absolute awe and still are four years later. 

Naturally, this awe has taken to Twitter, with users marking the occasion consistently ever since by recirculating the video as well as posting priceless reactions. We swung our way through the threads and found the best of these hilarious reactions. Grab your web-shooter and swing through these reactions to Tom Holland’s lip sync performance. 

A masterpiece 

We definitely agree. 

Petition for. . . 

Where do we sign? 

Happy times 

We don’t have these answers, but we’re glad the video helped! 


Yeah, you’d be right. Still, we’d check anyway just in case. . . 

Two types of people 

Sounds about right. We’re definitely the first type, sorry not sorry. 


The best part of this is the pose. It’s just . . . perfect.  

 Dancing fever 

We’d love to see Tom Holland in a role like that! He’s great as Spider-Man, but that boy can dance, so let him!  

Happy anniversary 

*Happily waves a rainbow flag with you.* 

Down the rabbit hole 

Be careful with those, it’s all fun and games until you stumble on . . . 

Lots of adjectives 

Looks like Lady Gaga has us covered in describing how we feel about this video.

What do you think of Tom Holland’s lip sync performance? Drop your reactions down below in the comments so we can keep on dancing with Spider-Man! 

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