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Potterheads have assembled in worry over Tom Felton, aka Draco Malfoy of the Harry Potter series. Don the Slytherin colors and dive into Felton's collapse

Is Tom Felton okay? Why did this ‘Harry Potter’ star collapse?

Potterheads have assembled in major worry over the fate of Tom Felton, the infamous Draco Malfoy of the Harry Potter series after his collapse on a golf course yesterday. Tom Felton was rushed to the hospital soon after his collapse, causing many Harry Potter fans to worry for his health, with many sending prayers and well wishes to the actor on social media. 

Tom Felton, though most well known for his role as Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter series, has also appeared on CW’s The Flash as Julian Albert and has taken over TikTok with 9.4 million followers, showcasing the solidarity of the Harry Potter fandom, especially now.  

Of course, many Twitter users were concerned over the health of the Harry Potter actor Tom Felton after the news broke of his collapse. We flew on broomsticks through the threads to find more information and the reactions of many fans on social media. Don the Slytherin colors as we dive into what we know so far about Harry Potter actor Tom Felton’s collapse. 

Collapse & recovery 

Tom Felton collapsed while participating in a golf game ahead of the Ryder Cup, which begins today and Felton was meant to play on a European team, competing with the U.S. The event took place at the Sheboygan, Wisconsin course known as Whistling Straits. Felton had been on the eighteenth hole when he collapsed without warning, worrying many of his fellow players.

After his collapse, Felton was immediately placed on a stretcher and taken away on a cart off the course, though reports state that he was conscious at the time of his removal. It was not until today that his condition was known to the internet, but his friend Derek Pitts did reassure the internet that he was alright despite still being in the hospital. 

“He’s okay, speedy recovery brother,” Pitts wrote on his Instagram story today, much to the relief of fans. Organizers have not disclosed the cause of the collapse, though they did say Felton experienced a “medical incident” and was taken to a local hospital for treatment. Representatives of Felton have yet to comment on the situation. 

Twitter is worried 

Naturally, fans of Felton and the Harry Potter series are concerned over the thirty-four year-old actor’s health. Some have sent well wishes while others are taking a page out of the Weasley twins handbook and are trying to diffuse the tension. Reactions to the news include: 

It unfortunately was a scary sight, we won’t lie, but he’ll be better soon! 

Sending some magical good vibes ourselves over here to Felton and his family! 

AKA our reaction when we first heard the news. 

This is why you have to stay hydrated, kids. Water is your best friend!  

We didn’t either. 2021 is really something, huh? 

Luckily he seems to have hit them back with an Expelliarmus. 

Think Slytherin should be getting those points, considering . . .  

It is concerning but don’t worry, he seems to be fine! 

That is the good part – he thankfully seems alright! 

Definitely a . . . memorable way to start off thirty-four, to say the least. 

What are your thoughts on Harry Potter actor Tom Felton’s collapse? Drop them below in the comments to wish him a speedy recovery! 

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