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Much of the world seems to be up in arms regarding Texas's new abortion laws. So, how are people spamming the snitches? With funny 'Shrek' memes, of course!

Spam the Texas anti-abortion site with these funny Shrek memes

On September 1st, Texas’ SB 8 law, known otherwise as the “heartbeat bill”, came into effect after the U.S. Supreme Court failed to take action and block it. As of now, getting an abortion after six weeks of pregnancy is prohibited in the state, despite six weeks often being far too early for someone to even realize that they are pregnant. While many are pleased with this announcement, others are absolutely peeved. 

However, once the new bill went into effect things got even more interesting, as several pro-life organizations opted to set up their own snitch, or “tip” line, designed to report anyone who might be aiding another to get an abortion. Luckily, many who despise this practice are spamming these organized groups with memes . . . even Shrek memes! Care to check out some funny Shrek memes we could find on Twitter? Let’s go!

Somber poem for somber times

We hate this ruling . . . really, really. 

Some seem to be OK with it

Texas is just another swamp, after all. Sadly, its government isn’t filled with fairytale creatures. 


Pro-life tip lines holding court once a week to discuss their snitching progress. 

Cruel world

Sexual assault victims can’t even plead their case before being judged. 

Democrats OK with Shrek memes

He did not have sexual relations with that ogre . . . that would be too funny. 

We live in a terribly uncomfortable world

So why not at least wear some comfortable Shrek shoes? Thank you, funny Shrek memes for the advice. 

The Supreme court can’t help nor overturn 

Cue our reaction. We miss you, RBG.  

On a lighter note . . . 

Can we all agree that Shrek 2 is an animation masterpiece? 

Shrek infested waters

Pro-lifers who are unemployed looking for blood (I.e. people who wish to get an abortion). 

Shrek out the full story for yourself! 

These funny Shrek memes don’t do the story justice. You have to read it to believe it!

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