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We all know at least one person who has this really horrible habit. Roast the chronic Pinocchios in your life with these on-point memes about liars.

Pants on fire: Laugh at these memes that are all about liars

Hollywood and the media are filled with unforgettable “liar” scenes & moments that we all love so much. Take it from Hogwarts’s once esteemed Defense of the Dark Arts professor, Dolores Umbridge . . . one mustn’t tell lies

But what about memes about liars? Of course, thanks to Twitter, there’s plenty of memes about liars out there that perfectly embody the snake-like mentality of a master manipulator. Lying is a terrible habit, and we’re shocked that so many people take it up as if it were a full-time hobby . . . especially those with a political agenda. 

That being said, we all have moments where we feel it necessary to lie. It might not be great practice, but sometimes we simply have to lie, either to get out of a jam or to avoid something altogether. So, in that spirit, here are some of the best memes about liars on Twitter! 

Ted Cruz: America’s liar

Of course, we had to kick off these memes about liars with Texas senator Ted Cruz and his political friends! After all, nobody knows how to lie their way out of a Winter storm like him. 

What’s so funny?

“You wouldn’t get it . . .” 

As predicted . . . 

The Simpsons always get things right

Forcing a non-meme

How could we ever make a “memes about liars” list without shouting out Jim Carrey’s Liar Liar? It would’ve been sacrilegious.   

Feelings on fire

Cause you’re a bad liar. 

D@*% this got us

Jussie Smollett will always be the greatest liar of all time!

Jesus walks: A blessing and a curse

Jesus could never enjoy a relaxing dip. 

Buddy said it best

“You sit on a throne of lies!” 

Lies lies everywhere and not a lie to spare

We’re not sure what makes us angrier. . . A Star Wars prequel reference or the fact that we never got a Shrek 5. 

We’ve all done it

These memes about liars are so accurate it scares us. 

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