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Already planning this year's Halloween festivities. Drop a treat (or a trick) in the group chat! These ghost memes are sure to make your friends say Boo!

These ghost memes are perfect for your Halloween group chat

We know, we know. It’s only August, so why are there already Halloween decorations in so many stores? The fact of the matter is, whether we like it or not, spooky season is upon us, which means Twitter is beginning to flood our content with ghost memes, vampire memes, and other memes celebrating October 31st.  And, as the saying goes, if you can’t beat them, join them! 

If you’re lucky enough to experience a dim day with cold weather and a slew of rain clouds amidst this gorgeous sunny weather, then perhaps you’ll find it in your heart to sneak spooky season into your summer schedule as you join us in celebrating Halloween with some of these creative ghost memes on Twitter. 


A ghost might actually be a proven wingman, as these ghost memes suggest. 

Halloween is coming

As confirmed by Target, Rite Aid, and any local craft warehouse. 

Spooky party

Technically it’s a skeleton meme and not a ghost meme . . . but we’ll allow it

Halloween collection 

We really can’t believe we’re sharing ghost memes in August . . . society is getting more and more complicated to figure out. 

Freek in the sheets

Michael Meyers has too many ghost-like features, so this qualifies.


Drop a nickel in the swear jar, Casper

Haunting matter

There’s a scieftific explanation to everything these days. 

Fionna won’t call back

Does being ghosted count on our list of ghosts memes? Of course! 

Very true

Best to just leave the dead asleep . . . 

Speaking of Ghost . . . 

The origin story we never asked for. 

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