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Can't wait for Halloween? Is two months too long? Satiate your spooky appetite with these dark humor memes and jokes.

Dark humor jokes: Prepare for Halloween with these death memes

Halloween’s just around the corner. Okay, not really. Two months is still a pretty long time, but a lot of us don’t really have anything better to do than look forward to holidays we won’t even be able to fully celebrate because of the pandemic. 🙃 

Sorry. Maybe that was too dark, but think of it as preparation for the dark humor jokes you’re about to enjoy. There’s nothing like humor served with a bittersweet dose of reality. Death is everywhere. Yeah, normally, but also like especially right now. So why not embrace the darkness with dark humor jokes? 

Halloween, here we come! And we’re bringing reality with us! 

A painfully short holiday 

May this not be you this year. 

A lifetime supply 

What? We said these were dark humor jokes, didn’t we? 

Home decorator 

D’awh, he got to live out his dream. 

Remember the science lab? 

That jolly old time where you’d pair up with lab partners and try not to blow each other up? Good times. 

Take down the decorations 

Either Paul really loves Halloween or . . .

The afterlife 

That’s right. Rest assured, life goes on after death. 

Nice one, Margaret

Little did Margaret know, the meeting with her Maker was postponed. 

Turkeys got it rough 

Halloween is so confusing for them.  

Tardiness at its worst

Hey, it’s kind of like when they send you home with a cold diagnosis, but it was actually COVID-19. Whoops. 

Snuggly grave

We figured we should at least end this death collection with a cute twist. We want you guys to actually make it to Halloween. 

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